How to Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Device

Security!!Yes, Security stands first in every aspect; without security guards our ministers will never take a single step. Just like that; here we go nowadays we been addicted to install Unlock Pattern in Android Phone since, it is an indeed necessary app for every Smartphone user – Pattern Lock is used for providing a supplementary protection – Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Device Tutorial


Very Simple!!! It protects your android phone from illegal access. Like, if you left your Smartphone and you forget to put handset into your pocket, this pattern lock will help you from unauthorized access. Pattern lock holds a multiple dots and the register user can set up a particular pattern at first which is require to be harmonized to give confirmation to use your handset.

What if I forget My Pattern Lock Suddenly?

This is something very hilarious!! Even We feel shocked; if we forget my Smartphone pattern lock!! No problem we have perfect solution to this problem.

“Where there is a will there is a way”

Luckily, whatever the Smartphone we use has default pattern lock system; we can really restore all the data safely and without any fail.

You might be having great internet connection and surfing knowledge but may be fail in finding exact article on this issue so better Cntl+Alt+Del; we have solution for this.

Here we go the steps involved to Unlock Android Phone for free

  • First, Switch off your Mobile Phone and just wait for few more moments.
  • Just hold ‘Volume Up + Home Key + Power Button’ at the same time wait for the phone to boots once more. Just make sure that you press all three buttons jointly.
  • Next, now a panel with DOS options will come.
  • No worry, just use Volume up and down button to navigate and scroll down to “Restore Factory defaults” or use “Delete all User data” according to your device.
  • Once done with above mentioned points scroll down to “Reboot System Now” and wait for the phone to reboot once more.


  • Using above mentioned points will delete all your data and apps.
  • In the most of the Android Smartphone the above mentioned points are working but however some mobile may use different set of keys to activate the boot prompt. It may use Volume UP + Power button or Down Key + Power button. Make sure you check it once before proceeding into steps.

If fail! Use Google Account to Unlock Android Phone

Once all your five patterns trails finished you may be getting an option called ‘next’ or ‘Retry’. Just click on next to enter Google account; here you are asked to answer security question which you submitted while registering you Google account.

Majority of internet user hesitate to prefer Security Questions (Since, they won’t remember at all) so the next option is ‘User Name and Password’ – just give your details you will redirect to the pattern page and there you can get your saved patterns to unlock your Android Phone easily.

After seeing this tutorial now you are fully optimized about Unlocking Android Phones even if you forget your phone pattern unknowingly or while working.

Some Other Screen Lock features

If you are unaware of this pattern app then you might be using some other techniques to unlock your android phone like Auto Screen Lock option which is in-build features for any Smartphone.

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