How to Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC player

 Today we at  will be discussing about how to set video as desktop wallpaper background by using VLC Media Player. As we received plenty of messages from our beloved visitors to write tips and tricks on VLC Media Player so we are writing this article “How can we set Video Wallpaper Background using VLC player”.

  •  The beauty of VLC Media Player is – it can run either broken or incomplete video file without any fail.  We think by the end of this article you will surely decide to Download and install VLC Media Player right away.
  • Since more over it supports all video formats without the need of installing extra codec. If you are still using those multimedia players’ we warmly welcoming you to just give a try.

What will be my Desktop Background?

Certainly animated one!! The VLC media player is a quality loaded multimedia player so far and here we will be giving you an outstanding tips and tricks on setting any video as your desktop background. So from now onwards you are going to giveaway those wallpaper pictures and start using lively desktop background.

How to set Video as Your Desktop Background using VLC media Player

As most of the internet users have habit of playing Music or Videos while working online. Let go into the topic on how to set video as desktop background.

Here the complete tutorial to set video as desktop background.

Steps involved:

  • Click on ‘Tools’
  • Go to ‘Preference’
  • Select ‘Video’how-to-set-video-as-your-desktop-wallpaper-with-vlc-1



  Once, after all the setting work you done; you have one more work to furnish that is – Right click on screen and select ’DirectX wallpaper’.


  1. All you need to do is to just go on selecting your favourite videos and make them play while you are on work.
  2. We hope this tutorial made your concerns fulfilled, based on you VLC Media Player versions this process may slightly change so be careful while enabling this feature.
  3. May be there are plenty of Video Players available online however there is no such options as VLC occupied so far.


Final Verdict

So far we discussed about how to set video as desktop background – if you have any queries do let us know through contact us, have any other concerns to be listed here; you are most welcome.

Don’t forget to Download VLC from here. Please share this tutorial with your friends.

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