How to upload and add Whatsapp status in Desktop/PC

WhatsApp has finally been released as a way for you to upload your WhatsApp status through PC.


To access your WhatsApp account on your desktop PC via the web, you will need to first install Google Chrome, as it is the only supported browser (for the instant). After installing Google Chrome on your PC, open it and visit You will notice a QR code there, this is the code you scan with your smartphone. To scan this QR code with your smartphone, you must access the WhatsApp Web option found in the WhatsApp application from your mobile device. Once you access the WhatsApp web option on your smartphone a new window will open, which will allow you to scan the QR code.

How to upload status in WhatsApp web on laptop

Unfortunately, there aren’t many features on the PC WhatsApp via the web. 

So, in order to make WhatsApp web work on your computer, you will need to keep your smartphone connected to the Internet and WhatsApp application running. In case the WhatsApp application is stopped, or if the smartphone is disconnected from the Internet, the WhatsApp web on your PC will not work. With other words, you are somewhat limited while using the WhatsApp on your PC through the web browser.


However, there is a quick way to log into your WhatsApp account without worrying about installing an Android emulator on your PC, installing WhatsApp on it, etc. The only good part about this feature is that you can write faster while at the computer, but the downside is that your smartphone will continue to use the internet connection, which means the battery will keep itself well used.

How to Change status on WhatsApp Web on PC – in 3 easy steps

If you have called WhatsApp Web in the browser, click first on  circular icon placed at the top next to their profile picture on the chat window.

Here you can view watch the status of your contacts all you want to do is simply click on the round icon. Then you’ll be redirected to a different display with a black backdrop which will the standing your contacts have set up. On the other hand, the display will reveal the title of the individuals who have uploaded the status, clicking which the status could be view. This works exactly the same as what you use on the mobile. You may even reply to status.


But you cannot upload a new status  from WhatsApp Web, whereas you can still see the status uploaded by you from WhatsApp’s cellular telephone as well as you can’t delete any uploaded status  from WhatsApp PC

How to hide uploaded WhatsApp status from others

You do not have an choice to control the contacts who can and cannot see the WhatsApp status in the event of WhatsApp internet.You can decide on the privacy via WhatsApp mobile.

In WhatsApp Mobile, all your contacts can see by default when you have made a status update . You can hide your new status for certain contacts if you want to keep it private or if these contacts might be annoyed by it. You can also hide the status of your contacts.  You can either hide your status for certain contacts ( My contacts except … ) or explicitly only share it with certain contacts ( only share with … ).Depending on the option you choose, you now select the contacts for which this applies.