How To Add Numbers Row to Google Keyboard in Android Devices

Are you a huge Google Keyboard user? What I mean to say is if you are an immense Android Mobile user (May be it is old or newer versions). But if you use numbers rather than alphabets that this is article is seriously made for you. Here we at collected some information on – How to Add Numbers Row to Google Keyboard in Android Devices.


Certainly will save for sure! But, how! Let’s consider normal mobile – if you want to type Number 1 in the screen of your mobile, you need to pass so many characters to get number 1 on your screen right? To overcome this process Google has extended a new process called “Gboard – The Google Keyboard” – Yeah!! Here you can add as you like (i.e. Adding Numbers in Google Keyboard is really possible with this app (If you are a huge mathematical student or Person).

How do I add numbers to my Android keyboard?

Here we have some instructions for you – so let’s get started

  • Install Google Keyboard on your Android Mobile.
  • Go to – Google Keyboard then select setting – click on ‘Appearance and Layouts option’.




  • Here you will be having some outstanding options in that just pick the Customized input styles and then tap the Plus (+) icon in the upper right corner of your handset’s screen


  • Once after selecting the above mentioned options, you will get another menu on your handset screen where you going to select Language Option for your mobile, in the layout option choose PC.
  • Now click on Add Button, in case you never used this keyboard, then you will be pressed to click ‘Enable’.


  • Finally, Select Input Languages menu will come into view now, in this menu, ‘Uncheck Use System Language and select the PC layout keyboard’.
  • Done! Now you are configured to have Google Keyboard in your Android Device.


Wrap Up

So far we have discussed about Google Keyboard in Android Devices, we at would like to know more about user experience about this tutorial, if you have any queries or have any additional on Google Keyboard then do let us know.

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