How to hide contact on WhatsApp

Are you looking for best ways to hide your contacts on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular instant messengers for audio and video calls, as well as text messaging. And many users use it exclusively for these purposes.

The most important of the possibilities in it is data privacy, that is, no one except you will have access to your information and correspondence. But many people have a question: how to hide the contact so that it is not seen. We will talk about this in our article.

Let’s talk about how to hide contacts or conversation in WhatsApp so that private conversation remain in the “Confidential” status, and not become the subject of discussion of loved ones.

How to Hide contacts in Android Phone on WhatsApp

  1. First we go into the program, then open the menu and the settings tab. 
  2. In the settings, we click on Contacts in the list. 
  3. Opposite the inscription “All contacts” we uncheck the box. 
  4. Now the contacts of your device will not be shown in WhatsApp.

Go to your privacy settings on WhatsApp and choose which contacts you want to hide:

1- If you turn off everyone, then no one will know about your visits and departures, but you yourself will not see anything.

2- You can compose in the access zone only contacts from your phone book – the most trusted friends.

As you can see, the Whatsapp company behaves fairly to everyone. And if you want to leave some of the subscribers invisible, at the same time continue to monitor their statuses and providence in the system? To ensure this level of privacy, there are various applications that make you invisible on the network, as if you had the Internet turned off. On the other hand, you will know everything about everyone.

How to view archived chats on  Whatsapp


If there is no complete need to mask a specific user, but just want to remove the dialog from the main screen, then you can use the archiving function. An important clarification: this is not a chat deletion or a backup option. Archived messages can be restored at any time. And from the search, access to them is still open. Archiving instructions:

  1. Open the Chats screen in the application.
  2. Scroll to the desired correspondence and make a long tap on it.
  3. Three icons will appear next to the menu button.
  4. The first is for pinning the chat from above, the second is for setting up the notification, and the third is for archiving.
  5. Click on the last one.
  6. The message “Chat archived” appears. Now it will no longer appear in the main dialog list.

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How to hide user activity on WhatsApp

The user can also hide his activity from one or all contacts. Users will not be able to see the status, photo, find out when a person was last online. The function works both ways. When access is restricted, the user will not be able to get information about the contact to which the restriction was set. To hide their activity, the user needs:

  1. Launch WhatsApp messenger.
  2. Click on “Menu” located in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter application settings. For users of Apple smartphones, this section is located at the bottom of the screen and looks like a gear.
  4. Go to the “Account” section.
  5. Click on the “Privacy” option.

How to Hide WhatsApp Conversations

Now we will tell you how to hide correspondence and messages with someone. There can be many reasons, but there are much fewer ways.

  1. We go into the program, open chats and long press on the desired correspondence. 
  2. A box with a check mark will appear, and a button on the panel at the top. 
  3. By clicking this button, you can archive your correspondence. 
  4. In the future, the archived correspondence can be viewed in the archive, in the “Archived chats” tab. 
  5. There are also many third-party data protection applications.
  6. You can download them in the Play Store or from third-party sites. 
  7. You can lock the phone itself in various ways. This function is offered to us by Android.

How can hiding contacts help on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, the popular messenger does not have functions to protect the user’s personal data. The developers did not provide for setting a password for the application or contacts. To protect information, the user will have to go for tricks and act in a roundabout way. By hiding numbers and contacts on WhatsApp, the user will be able to protect personal information from strangers.

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