How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome  on Android and Desktop(PC)

How do you activate dark mode on Google Chrome on desktop and mobile devices?

The dark-mode feature of Google Chrome is available on Windows as well as macOS computers and Android and iOS smartphones. This feature will provide a more comfortable reading experience in dim light conditions, as well as the reduction of energy consumption.

It isn’t possible to enable this option from within the Google browser. The program uses the color settings set by the operating system. To enable dark mode to work with Chrome you must alter the color default in Windows 10 color default.

1. Click to open the menu options

2. After that, click on “gear icon” in order to open the settings.

3. Click on Personalization ;

4. When the screen opens select the Colors Option, which is located in the menu to the left

5. Scroll down and make sure to check Dark in the mode Choose default for application Product ;

6. Instantly, the dark mode in Chrome will be enabled.

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Similar to Microsoft system, you will also must change MacOS Mojave dark mode to enable it in your browser.

1. Just click on an apple

2. Then, go to the System Preferences choice ;

3. Click on General ;

4. In the Appearance This item, which is on the upper right of the screen, click on it. Dark ;

5. As soon as you click, the dark mode of Chrome will be turned on.

How do I use the dark mode feature in Chrome for mobile devices?

For mobile versions, this mode is known as dark theme. The feature is available on devices that run Android 5 or higher , and iOS 13 or greater on Android

. Open Chrome and select the icon o

2. The menu that opens click on Settings ;

3. In the Basics section , select Themes alternative ;

4. Look for the box next Dark . Or, if you prefer, choose System In default . Also, if you have the dark theme turned on in the device you use, Chrome will follow this setting.

For iPhone as well as iPad, Chrome can only be used with the dark theme if your iOS system is configured in this manner.

1. Go to Settings 

2. Tap Display & Brightness 

3. Then, look for the box that says Dark Option to turn on this mode.

Alternative: enable incognito mode

If you do not need to save your data or access information that is linked to the Chrome user there’s a better alternative. Incognito mode in the browser offers the same interface of dark mode.

Incognito tabs can be opened. tab using two ways. Click on the icon with three dots in the upper right-hand corner in the right corner of your bar. The menu that opens click on New Incognito Window . The alternative method is only applicable on a computer, and only through the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + N or + Shift + N on macOS.


If you choose this mode for navigation any activity that is performed will be recorded.

How do I update Chrome?

1. Open Chrome

2. Click on the icon with three dots located in the top right-hand corner the web browser

3. In the menu that appears click on Help 

4. Now , click About Chrome 

5. In the following screen, the version for browsers will be displayed. If it’s not the most current version software, it will launch the update on its own

6. Complete the update on Restart button


7. Then Chrome will close and then start again after a few minutes. Then it will become finished.

The advantages of enable dark mode in Chrome Browser

Dark mode is among the most prominent trends in software of the moment. There are those who believe that the feature is beneficial for the longevity of the device as well as the health of users.

When deciding to utilize it, one can reduce the exposure to blue light that is produced by smartphones. According to research that have been conducted, this light produces signals that awaken the brain and produces the same effect as the effects of a cup of coffee. The lower lighting levels can help lower symptoms like dry eyes or high vision pressure.

Researchers at University of Toledo in Spain also found that researchers at University of Toledo in Spain discovered that blue light could harm photoreceptor cells during times that are used in extreme amounts. This reduction will reduce the risk of any damage to the retina.

Smartphones also can benefit from dark mode . Google own disclosures, made during its Android Dev Summit developer conference that using the mode that is light can use 6 times the energy of dark mode. The study was carried out using both the maximum brightness.

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