How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch

How to Connect Amazon Prime to Twitch

How to Connect Amazon Prime to Twitch After discovering Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform dedicated primarily to streaming video games, you decided to create your account and follow today’s most popular players. As you review Twitch’s features, you read that you can subscribe to other users ’channels for rewards, badges, and watch videos without ads. However, … Read more

How to set up WhatsApp payments to send and receive money


WhatsApp Payments: How to Send and Receive Money WhatsApp Pay will be available to Indian users. This allows them to send and receive money through the app’s chats. Here’s how payments work. WhatsApp Pay finally launched in India in 2018 after initial testing by the Facebook-owned company. WhatsApp Pay will now be available in India in 10 … Read more

How To Clear App Data And Cache On Android Phones


Your phone’s internal memory will become full over time. This can be due to intensive usage or more frequent use. If your phone does not have enough basic data, this data can quickly become overwhelming and even take over your entire memory. When it comes to data management and cache, not all applications are the same. Many Gigabytes … Read more

5 Best iOS Emulator for Android


5 Best free iOS Emulators for Android to run iOS apps on Android  Do you want to run iOS applications on Android smartphones ? In the present statistics say that there are lot more users of Android than any other operating systems on the market. The reason for that is android interface is much easier to use and … Read more

20 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners and Professionals


BEST Freelance Websites to Find Freelance Jobs and Works Are you looking to boost up your career as a freelancer? Are you in search of some websites and giant marketplaces to work at? If the answer is yes then here are some of the websites, in fact top notch freelance websites to get unlimited freelance … Read more

How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Images On Phone


How to Download and Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Images on Android Phone and iPhone As you know, it is impossible to simply save a photo or video from the WhatsApp status on Android, and there is no way to view it in the gallery. But still, all the statuses that you viewed are in the … Read more

How to hide contact on WhatsApp


Are you looking for best ways to hide your contacts on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular instant messengers for audio and video calls, as well as text messaging. And many users use it exclusively for these purposes. The most important of the possibilities in it is data privacy, that is, no one except you … Read more

How to upload and add WhatsApp status in Desktop/PC


How To Add WhatsApp Status In Desktop on Deskptop/PC WhatsApp has finally been released as a way for you to upload your WhatsApp status through PC /Desktop. To access your WhatsApp account on your desktop PC via the web, you will need to first install Google Chrome, as it is the only supported browser (for … Read more

How to Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC player


 Today we at  will be discussing about how to set video as desktop wallpaper background by using VLC Media Player. As we received plenty of messages from our beloved visitors to write tips and tricks on VLC Media Player so we are writing this article “How can we set Video Wallpaper Background using VLC … Read more

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