Top 20 Sites To Watch Cartoon/Anime Online For Free

Watching Cartoons and Anime Movies or series of episodes are one of the most favorable way to pass our boring days now a days. Everyone loves Anime and Cartoons specially the ones which gives us some valuable messages and if any of you guys have never tried out watching Anime or Cartoons then you should just check it out now.


Now here in this article we will bring you the top 20 sites to watch Anime and cartoons for free of cost. So that you will be able to get the first taste of Anime and Cartoons. And for those Anime and Cartoon worms who are font of watching Anime and Cartoons we bring you the best top website for you to watch your favorite Anime for free.

Anime’s are basically Japanese Animation Production videos and personally we like to prefer Anime over Cartoons but here we will bring you top sites for both the Cartoons Fan’s and Anime Fan’s.

Best websites To Watch Anime or Cartoon Movies Online For Free:

Some of the Favorite Anime Series that we would like you to try out are Naruto, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z and many more now if you want more name’s Anime that you can try out  the top 20 websites for you to watch cartoon’s and anime’s for free of cost.

1- is one of the best Anime where we can watch Anime for free and it is the website where i generally watch most of my favorite anime. So it is personally my personal best because of its user friendly interface which could be operated by all. And the Anime Movies and series are well organized by there names and initial letters which makes it very easy for us to find our favorite Anime.


You can watch your favorite anime shows in any video quality (240p to 1080p) as you like. Kissanime can provide you anime shows with different categories like Romance, Action, Comedy, Horror, Adventure etc. with a Subbed function and dubbed in English. And that is why we can consider it as one of the best FREE Anime Streaming Services.


Netflix is another site for watching free Anime Series and Movies which we generally visit to watch my favorite anime when ever we get free time. In Netflix you will get all type of Anime of different genre which you can watch for free.


The thing that we love about Netflix is there clean and simple interface with negligible amount to Advertisement And you can find all of your favorite Anime and Cartoon series or movies well organized to watch it for free with dubbed and english subtitles.

3- Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is another site where you can watch free Anime and this site offers the latest anime Movies and episodes with a well organize layout of the site which makes it easier for the users to handle the site and watch Anime for free of cost.It also offers you the best anime shows with English Dub and English subtitles.


And when we talk about the video quality that Crunchyroll offers to its users, then it delivered high quality videos to the users with 720p resolution. And the best part is that it supports many languages ​​like English (UK & US), Deutsch, Italiano and many more.

4- GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another site where you can watch you favorite Anime for free and it is regularly updated with new Anime Movies and Anime Series so that you will always have new things to enjoy in the website.


GoGoAnime has so many features to offer its users. But still, the question arises: “Is GoGoAnime legal?” The answer to this question is ” NO “. GoGoAnime has no legal rights in Streaming Anime. But that doesn’t mean that watching shows on these sites can be dangerous. You can stream animes without worry. But it is recommended not to download the content from these anime streaming sites 

5- Funimation

When discussing the best anime streaming sites, we can’t forget to mention the name Funimation Now. Funimation offers you the platform where you can watch new blockbuster anime shows like Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Super, etc. with the best video quality. The best feature of Funimation is that it will recommend shows to you based on your interests and research.


Now the main question is, “Is Funimation now free?” Or not? The answer to this question is that Funimation offers both FREE and paid services . The free version is limited. And it also contains ads. Funimation also allows you to have a free 2 week trial.

6- Disney Junior

Disney Junior, now if you are into the classic collection of cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess and likes then this site is loaded with all of those things and on top of that it is loaded with many other interesting things.



9Anime is the top site where you can find and watch your favorite cartoon shows for free and on top of that this site also offers a wide rage of variety of different program that you can choose from such as different TV shows, Anime and many more.


The animes provided by 9Anime are pirated and unofficial. So the most common confusion and doubt that occurs is ” whether the 9anime Kodi addon is safe or not?” The answer to this question is that the 9anime Kodi addon is unrelated to the 9anime site. It is just used for watching anime.

8- ToonJet

ToonJet is another website where you can find your classic cartoons as it specialize on your favorite classic cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other classic cartoons that you can enjoy for free on ToonJet site.


9- MyAnimeList

Here is another website which is one of the top  ad-free free anime streaming sites. And the site is Anime Anime Season is very popular for its user interface among the users. It will be easy for users to search for their favorite anime series as it provides you with different tabs which will help you in the search. You will find tabs under the Anime tab Search Anime, Top Anime, Seasonal Anime, Videos, Reviews, Recommendations.


Along with the great ease of finding animated series, Animeseason also provides a brief description of the shows. It will show you the show’s rank, popularity, reviews, characters, etc. Besides, you can enjoy your favorite English animated series in HD video quality.

10- SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons is one of the sites that we personally visit for checking on our favorite Cartoons and you should also try it out to get your favorite cartoons episodes and movies and watch it for free.


11- AnimeLab

AnimeLab is also one of the best free anime streaming services. The website is on the list because of its wonderful features. AnimeLab can be the best choice if you want to stream anime shows on different platforms other than mobiles and laptops. You can access the site by Apple Tv, Samsung and Telstra TV, Google Chrome cast, Apple Airplay, etc.

So, if you want to enjoy anime streaming on other platforms, AnimeLab can help you. It allows you to watch your favorite anime with the best video quality. AnimeLab is available in free and paid versions. And the server of this website in Australia.

12- AnimeHeaven

Another name on the list is It is considered to be one of the top 15 sites to stream and watch anime shows online. Indeed, it offers an excellent layout with a large collection of animated shows and movies. It can even provide you the English dubbed and dubbed videos.


The best thing that AnimeHeaven offers is that with a large collection of anime shows, it allows users to search for their favorite anime shows by category. It will also show you a short information about the animated series like its genre, episodes, release time, etc.

13- Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is one of the most popular and interesting sites. It is similar to other anime streaming sites like Animefreak and Crunchyroll which allow you to stream your favorite anime series and shows online. It also provides basic information about the shows you want to stream.


The best part about the website is that you can make friends through this website as well. Anime-Planet gives you the opportunity to join the community to make new friends. You can follow other users who share the same interest as you.

14- Masterani

If we are discussing the best anime streaming sites, then is not negotiable. is very popular when it comes to streaming anime shows online. It is especially popular because of its graphical user interface.


When you enter the website, you will find an incredible quality of the layout. You can even see reviews of anime shows. It will help you get new anime easily. In addition to that, you can also change the server name if needed.

15- Kuroani

Kuroani is  a very popular site, but when it comes to streaming anime shows online for FREE, Kuroani can be one of the best options. It has a very simple layout and a friendly user interface which is very easy to understand by every user. It will allow you to stream your favorite anime series online and it’s free.

Kuroani is owned by a non-profit organization. This means that it claims to provide the content for free to users. And that’s the reason why it makes it into the list of best free (ad-free) anime streaming sites even after not being a popular site.

16- Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy secures its name in the list of best free anime streaming sites because it has great features to offer its users. First of all, it has a large collection of animated series. Then it will also provide you with the latest anime series as it is updated daily. All data is organized in such a way that users can easily find their favorite series without effort.

Besides all the amazing features of the website, the website has added a unique feature which is the “random button”. This button will provide you with random suggested series to watch.


Now, which is one of the best ad-free anime streaming sites. It’s on the list because it will help you stream the best anime shows. has a variety and a large collection of anime shows. Actually, not only anime shows, but they can also provide you with a number of TV shows and movies as well.


The most common problem with most anime streaming sites is that they provide the content in only one particular language. But with you can watch the subbed and doubled videos in English

18- KissCartoon

KissCartoon is the best site on the list for you to watch your favorite cartoons online and this is also an awesome site which offers many vintage and latest cartoons which you can enjoy it for free of cost.


19- AnimeMovil2

The website has a large selection of collections. Browse thousands of dubbed and subtitled movies and animes on devices and apps without paying for registration. You will love its content as there is a great mix of anime on this website.


You can always enjoy high quality anime series with frequent updates. More importantly, the site is mobile friendly, you can always enjoy your favorite anime series on your smartphone or tablet anywhere.

20- Amazon Prime

 It is true that Amazon Prime do not focus on anime only, the catalog has been growing little by little and in some cases it is possible to find your favorite series in them without having to resort to unreliable pages.

In addition, Amazon Prime is usually already found in the homes of many people so they do not represent an additional cost.


Of course, the library of each one varies a lot according to the country where you see it, but sometimes it is worth it and you can easily change the subtitles or even the audio in case you like to see the anime series translated into any other languages.

Here we conclude for you the top 20 sites to watch Cartoons and Anime for free. So now you will be able to enjoy your favorite Anime and Cartoons anytime and anywhere without any problem so start your new journey in the wonderful world of Anime and Cartoons now.

If you got any other sites feel free to share with us via the contact form.

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