10 Best Places to Sell Used Books Online for Cash

10 Best Websites to Sell Books Online for Money 

Internet provides us with many options for earning money online with one activity or the other. One of them is selling used books online through various websites.

How to make money selling your second hand used old books online

You may have an inventory at home that you want to clear off or you can buy books from cheaper stores and sell them for a double value thus earning extra income. It doesn’t take much time to start a home based online bookstore in your spare time. There is no heavy investment in building up an office space or stacking a warehouse.

This business is recession proof as books are an important part of our everyday life and there would always be someone to bargain for your books. If you are interested in this mode of earning an extra buck, read on.

10 Best Places to Sell Used Books Online for Cash

1- Amazon

You can sell old books on Amazon by either of the two programs: Textbook Buyback which gives you Amazon gift cards for the text books that you select through their site and send to them.


The other way is to sell normally like other stuff and get cash for it. You take care of the shipping charges so your pricing should be able to cover the charges. Be competitive in your pricing and check what others are selling for.

Website: https://sell.amazon.in/sell-online/sell-books-online.html

2- eBay

eBay goes by the same principle as Amazon. You need to create a seller account and start listing your books. But there is a lot of research involved in what sells and what not.


You need to check out what others are being able to sell and what’s in demand. A proper description is very necessary. Shipping needs to be taken care of diligently.

Website: https://www.ebay.com/

3- BookScouter.com

BookScouter helps one to sell books at the highest price. There is a feature that companies the books with over 40 book-buying websites and shows you the site that pays you the most. It best to search using the ISBN of a book. The site can be used without any registration. 


Website: https://bookscouter.com/

4- Sell Back Your Book

This site gives you more information that helps you chose the right way to sell the books. You can also buy or rent used books for cash online. There are articles that cover every aspect of book selling, plus information on where you can find books to sell.


Website: https://www.sellbackyourbook.com/

5- olx.com

You can sell books on OLX.com just like other stuff. This site has  grown as a marketplace where you can sell anything and there is a chunk of people who search and buy books as well. Registration is free, you need to create a store.


Website: https://www.olx.com/

6- Powells.com

This sites gives you an option of entering the ISBN numbers of books in a text box and click on send. They give an offer, if you like it, you need to pack and ship it to their warehouse in Oregon. Once received, they would check, approve and release the payment.

Website: http://www.powells.com/

7- PaperBackSwap

This is a perfect website if You have books in good condition that you do not want to keep. This website is dedicated for book owners who wants exchange their books. Here you need to install and log into the account. Upload the books that you want to sell. Wait for the other member to exchange with you.
You will get credit by sending out books to others.


Website: https://www.paperbackswap.com/

8- Cash4Books.net

Cash4Books.net is an online used book buying service owned and operated by McKenzie Books, Inc. Their service is exceptional along with a simple and convenient book buyback process. Shipping to them is free, Buyback orders worth at least $35 are eligible for a free FedEx shipping upgrade.


They issue payment via PayPal or Check within 3 business days of receiving and processing your books. The condition of the books should be up to the mark.

Website: http://www.cash4books.net/

9- BookFinder

Bookfinder.com is a search site where you can find prices on old books from thousands of sellers online. It gives you an option of buyback for the best price with shipping include.


Website: http://www.bookfinder.com/

10- Craigslist.com

You can sell your books on this site through an auction or a direct sale. In an auction, the book is thrown open to thousands of dealers and collectors online and thus the price doesn’t have a cap.


If you want to sell the used second hand books more quickly, you can choose the direct selling method. You get quick cash in hand.

Website: https://craigslist.org/

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