12 BEST Online Free PDF To Word Converter

Convert PDF to Word: The 12 Best Free Websites and Software

PDF has been one of the most popular formats for computer documentation. It is used every day and can be found almost everywhere. Sometimes, we may want to change a PDF document because of our frequent use. This is when a conversion to Word is required. There are many free options to edit or extract data from PDF files. This article will provide a list with the top sites and software that offer free PDF to Word conversion. A selection of OCR services that can convert scanned PDF files (or images) into Word format will be provided.

What is a PDF format?

PDF (Portable document format) is a file format that can be used to make documentation easier and more accessible. Adobe created the PDF format in 1991. It can be used on any operating system. A PDF file can include text, images, buttons and forms. You only need the Acrobat Reader software, which is compatible with all platforms.

These are the best sites to convert PDF files to Word

Online conversion of PDF files to Word is the fastest and easiest way. We’ve compiled a list of the top free websites that provide quality conversion. The conversion result will depend on the quality of the converted PDF file. It also depends on how efficient the program is. Different sites provide more precise results than others.



Online2pdf.com is a popular online converter that’s easy to use and efficient. It offers many functions through its interface. It can convert PDF files into Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Excel and JPG formats. Even if the PDF file is password protected, this converter can edit and unlock it. Simply select the file you wish to convert and the converter will do the rest. Convert PDF files up to 150MB. You can also convert up 20 files simultaneously. After the conversion is complete, you will receive a ZIP file containing all converted PDF files. This converter is even more exciting because you can use OCR Mode (optical characters recognition).



This site, Pdf2docx.com, offers a powerful PDF converter. Not only can you convert PDF files to Word, but also to JPG and PNG formats. This site doesn’t require registration. To receive the file, you don’t have to enter your email address. You can simply download it after converting. You can also convert up to 20 files simultaneously on this site. You can also download your files in Zip format to speed up uploading.



Pdftoword.com offers two PDF converters: a free online version, and a Pro version for Windows. The online version allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To download the file, you will need your email address. You can only convert one email per month. The Nitro conversion is impressive and high quality. You will receive the converted file by email in no time. You can purchase the paid version starting at $ 150



Zamzar.com is a popular online converter that can convert PDF to many formats. You can convert up to 1200 types of files with this service. Zamzar supports not only document conversion, but audio and video as well. The service is completely free. It is easy to convert. Simply select the file you wish to convert, then choose the format and enter your email address. Click on “convert”. Conversion is quick and easy. The link to the downloaded file will be sent directly. Multiple files can be converted simultaneously. Zamzar does not currently offer OCR services to convert scanned PDFs. The maximum file size that can be converted should not exceed 50MB.



Smallpdf.com is an online PDF converter offering a quality-free service. It is easy to use and doesn’t require you to have an email address in order for the file to be sent. Drag the file to the converter interface, and then choose the format you want. There are many formats that you can choose from. You can convert your file to Word or Excel, PPT, or image. The converter will recognize scanned documents and notify you that an OCR converter is required. Conversion is quick and easy. The converted file can be downloaded directly from the converter interface. SmallPDF also works well with the cloud. This allows you to save your file directly into Dropbox or Google Drive. All popular browsers, including Opera, Chrome and Fireforx, work flawlessly with the converter.



Freepdfconvert.com is another great online PDF converter. FreePDFconvert can convert any scanned PDF document. This is what makes FreePDFconvert so impressive. The conversion may not be perfect but it will extract the text from the scan and convert it into editable Word format. The conversion will not be high-quality if it isn’t scanned. The converter is not free and can only be used with a paid subscription.



Freefileconvert.com offers file conversions to many formats. It supports both document and audio/video conversion. The converter supports up to 8337 types of conversion. It is easy to convert. Simply select the file you wish to convert in the “input” section and then select the format in “output format”. Five files can be converted simultaneously with a maximum file size of 300Mb. This is a huge limit for PDF format. Cloud-compatible, this converter can be imported directly from Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.



Convertonlinefree.com is a 100% free and efficient PDF converter. Not only can you convert PDF files to Word, but many other formats as well. It is simple to use the interface without registration. To receive the file, you don’t have to register your email address. It will be available immediately after conversion. Maximum file size for conversion must not exceed 50 megabytes. This converter also allows you to recover the text from scanned PDF files for free, which we find very useful.

The Best Free Software to Convert from PDF to Word

There are two types of converters: office software and online services. Online services are not long-term solutions. There is little security and many limitations. There is no guarantee that your documents will be deleted by the online conversion servers after they have been completed. If you have more than 100 documents to convert, the online limit for services can become a problem. This all shows that desktop software is the best and most reliable solution to file conversion.

1-Free PDF to All Converter

Free PDF to All Converter allows you to convert PDF files into multiple formats. You can choose which file format you prefer, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or JPG. The file remains unchanged and unaltered when you convert with Free PDF software. Batch conversion can be used to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. This software can convert as many as 500 pages per minute and is extremely fast. The interface is simple and well-designed. To convert, simply add your file to the queue. This PDF to Word converter software does not require an internet connection.

2-Ezovo free Convert Pdf to Word Converter

This is a free PDF to Word converter that allows you to convert to Docx or Docx formats quickly and easily. The software can be installed on your computer and then the execution can begin. After the software has been installed properly, the conversion interface will be displayed. Select the PDF file you wish to convert, and then choose the format. Its interface makes it easy to use. You can also convert multiple PDF files at once with Word Deluxe. This is extremely convenient. The software will attempt to replicate the content exactly in the same format and layout as the source file.

3-SmartSoft PDF to Word Conversion Free

It is a very useful and free PDF to Word converter program. This is the best tool to convert PDF files on Windows. It is easy to convert any PDF file into DOC format thanks to its intuitive interface. Conversion is fast and results are identical to original files. SmartSoft offers a preview window which allows you to see the final result before the actual conversion begins. However, it is not possible to convert multiple documents simultaneously. This can cause SmartSoft to crash, but it still works well.

4-PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter Software is a free PDF-to-word converter software that allows you to convert to doc format. This software is efficient and offers many features, including the ability to view the file, navigation thumbnails, zooming for better viewing, and other options. It is easy to use and simple. The software can reproduce the original document exactly. This software also supports OCR, which allows you to retrieve text from scanned documents or images. It is very useful. This software is free and you can convert unlimited numbers of files. This software is completely free.

We have listed the best PDF to Word website converters and softwares, along with their most popular features and links. This list includes software and websites. These tools can handle many image types and convert them into the most popular file formats such as word, excel, plain text, and Excel.

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