10 Best Kissanime Alternatives in 2022

Without a doubt, nowadays, Japanese animation series ‘Anime’ is very popular. The prevalence of the series among the entire audience community that has diversity in interests and age groups. Numerous platforms allow the series to be easily viewed for its potential audience. KissAnime is one of the platforms recognized for showing complete anime series. However, unlike this platform, today many other domains started streaming anime series for their lovers.

These platforms support streaming in HD quality that satisfies the audience for watching the anime shows. Some of the most popular anime series that can be easily recognized by any anime lover are Naruto, Mob Psycho, Dragon Ball, Death Note, etc.

Various people around the world have an inner love for anime even though they are unaware of the platforms that support its streaming. YouTube is the only platform that is being used by people to watch Anime series, however it is difficult for people to easily find the complete and amazing series on this platform. This is the reason that the need for platforms that only support the streaming of the entire anime world is increasing.

10 Best KissAnime Alternatives and Similar Sites

In this article, you will learn about the amazing websites that are created solely to stream anime series for their audience residing all over the world. Below are the top ten KissAnime Alternative Streaming platforms, which are known to be used in 2022 after KissAnime.

All of these following websites are authentic and legally stream the series for you.

1. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is an amazing website that showcases more than 10,000 anime videos. This website is a good alternative to KissAnime and it is legally allowed to stream the best anime videos. The platform has a rich library that contains all the anime shows for you, which you can watch for free.

The popularity of the website is due to its diversification using the medium. Since the AnimeFreak website is updated every day that makes you super excited to see new content every day.


2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a website that streams anime since 2016. Since then, the website consistently attracts a large fraction of the audience. Crunchyroll has amazing perks that give it an edge over KissAnime. The website supports streaming in different languages ​​apart from English and Japanese which is the reason for its popularity among the diversified communities.

The platform displays all kinds of anime, music, manga, and drama videos, etc. The website also has a huge library and streams around 25,000 anime episodes with various licensed content that makes you comfortable to watch. After all the advantages, this website also allows you a premium subscription facility which gives you control over everything. Also, this platform has managed to gain millions of premium subscribers.


3. Masterani.one

Masterani.oneis the most amazing alternative to KissAnime. It has a well-arranged library that displays all the serials in a segmented form and gives you the opportunity to track your audience.

This website is easy to use and works even better when played in the updated version of the flash player. The interface of this website is very convenient.

So if you visit this website for the first time, you will notice that the viewing of all anime series is according to the latest and oldest posts and covers the series ranking to help you watch the best anime series of all the times.


4. AnimeHeaven

Anime Heaven has an outstanding score among all anime streaming websites. The platform includes thousands of amine series that are legally permitted. The website is known to have the largest streaming library that contains all types of anime videos, which made this website a complete provider for the intense anime hunger.

Numerous features are added in this website to make it easy to use and outstanding among any other anime website. The feature that has made this website the best alternative for KissAnime is to view the overview of any anime video without opening it.

When you place your mouse pointer on the anime video tab, it starts streaming a full video overview that allows you to choose the best anime video.


5. Chia-Anime

Chia Anime is a commendable website that streams a large number of anime videos. It is also considered as a good alternative to KissAnime due to its large and trusted audience all over the world. If you are a person who is interested in watching anime in your native language other than English, then this website is the right place as it provides all videos with duplicate and cropped content.

The website also publishes many new anime series, which are rare to find on any other platform. This fact also increases its display among the other existing websites. The platform also has a neat and user-friendly interface, allowing all viewers to find their desired anime series. Your satisfaction with anime is made possible through this website as it allows all streaming to its audience for free.


6. 9anime

9anime is one of the most amazing alternatives that you can choose over KissAnime to watch the latest and popular anime series. The database of the website contains more than 25,000 shows which is the accumulation of all the recent and old anime shows.

The platform has an attractive and simple interface with HD quality video streaming. The website also allows you to easily download any anime show of your choice. Also, if you are looking for a specific show that you couldn’t find on 9anime and any other website, you can simply ask for it.


7. Animeowl

Animeowl is another website similar to KissAnime. Show free anime series for people all over the world. The website has an amazing collection of a large number of anime series. The website is fully segmented and you can easily find all the anime videos based on your choice.

The platform has categorized the videos into recent, best rates, genres, and more. You can search for the anime series you want by using the amazing categorized list of options. On this platform, everything is before your eyes, which helps you find the desired video in the shortest possible time.


8. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime.ru is one of the best KissAnime replacement. This website allows you to watch all kinds of anime videos for free and in HD quality. The platform contains numerous categorized anime content, including movies, dramas, shows, and cartoons. This website does not limit you to creating an account to stream the videos.

You can simply enter the website and start searching for the anime video you want. The platform has categorized the videos from A to Z and you can easily find your favorite video according to the alphabets of its name. You can also give your suggestions to the website if you can’t find your anticipated anime video.


9. Animetosho

Animetosho is an amazing website that is highly regarded among anime lovers residing all over the world. The website has millions of viewers from the United States, Malaysia, Australia, India, and Germany.

Apart from these countries, all small and big places use this platform to watch all kinds of anime series. The website is very user friendly because it is an attractive and easy to use interface.

You can watch any anime video on this platform by searching its well-sorted library which allows you to find your desired anime video instantly.


10. 4Anime

4Anime is one of the most popular websites that broadcasts a large number of anime videos to the world. The website displays the anime videos in English dubs to provide ease for people who do not know the Japanese language.

The platform has a large viewing audience that gathers due to its free content being allowed for people without account registration. The website also recommends the top rated anime videos by providing the actual rating of the videos through their clients.



The above list of anime streamers identifies the fact that a person should not be limited to a single ‘KissAnime’ website. Numerous efficient platforms are working on this domain to provide you with an effective way to watch your favorite anime videos.

All of these websites are highly rated by people who have experienced it on their own. You can watch any anime videos you want on any of the websites. Some websites are legally allowed, while others are not. However, you can still take advantage of these websites if they work well.

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