20 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners and Professionals

BEST Freelance Websites to Find Freelance Jobs and Works

Are you looking to boost up your career as a freelancer? Are you in search of some websites and giant marketplaces to work at? If the answer is yes then here are some of the websites, in fact top notch freelance websites to get unlimited freelance projects as a beginner freelancer as well as professional.

What is Freelance Website?

A freelance exchange is a work platform where a freelancer finds orders and makes money. She also plays the role of a portfolio, where you can see how hardworking and responsible the employee is. On some sites, you can see the intensity of the load and fulfilment of orders, and on each of them – reviews and tasks.

How to find best Freelance Website according to your skills and Experiences?

There are dozens of freelance websites on the internet. They are either highly specialized or have a broad profile. With the advent of quarantine, exchanges have become especially in demand, because they always have remote work. Consider the most popular sites where a beginner freelancer or professionals can make money, as well as how best to organize work on them.

How to make money from freelance websites?

  • Complete your profile
  • Respond to applications competently
  • Read the terms of reference carefully
  • Conduct all correspondence with the customer through the freelance exchange
  • Follow the approval of the application and meet the deadlines
  • Do a little more than you asked
  • Submit finished work through the exchange
  • Explore customer profiles
  • Learn to sell yourself
  • Get ready to work hard

Best freelance websites for beginners and experienced professionals

In this article, you will find a list of 20 freelance websites for beginners and professionals that are popular, in demand and where you can definitely find orders for yourself.

Each of the below listed website has its own importance, the more marketplaces you join, the more you get chances to find jobs and work at home as a freelancer.

1- Upwork

Upwork has a tender system. A freelancer profile with a free account is available to clients only when responding to their order. Users with a paid account are listed in the freelance directory, see competitors’ bids, and can submit more applications in the same period of time. From the earnings of a freelancer, the exchange deducts from 5% to 20%.

Website: https://www.upwork.com/

2- Fiverr

 Fiverr is the world’s largest online market place for just $5. It is a market place which is unsurprisingly viral and it has grown exponentially ever since it was launched.

You might be having special skills like photography, web design, art, voice overs, writing or just about any other thing that you might think about. Fiverr.com will definitely have a market for your services online.
There are many freelancing sites available, but most people have found success with Fiverr.com even though it has also got some drawbacks.

It has a very simple concept. It enables people to post small jobs called “gigs” that they are ready to do for just as little as $5. This might sound small, but it offers a good platform to grow from.

Website: https://www.fiverr.com/

3- PeoplePerHour

A well-known best freelance website. PeoplePerHour is a web-based freelance job marketplace that matches business needs with talents. You can make good money with this website. this is a freelancing platform like Upwork..You can search for orders without restrictions both from the basic and from the Plus account. Freelancers’ personal data is verified by the website representatives.

Be patient if it takes some time to you to get hired at people per hour. It is just because daily thousands of freelancers join this website by singing up and every one of them is in search of a great job. But the clients and project posters prefer the experienced individuals firstly.

Website: https://www.peopleperhour.com/

4- ServiceScape

ServiceScape is a freelance marketplace and outsourcing platform that businesses use to find freelance editors, translators, graphics designer and Copy writers. For me ServiceScape has always been the right place to start freelance career at. The beginners can get their first jobs at this marketplace quite easily.

Website: https://www.servicescape.com/

5- Toptal

To start working, you need to pass the preliminary selection. It consists of the following steps: an English proficiency test, an online coding test, a technical interview with a screen display, and a test project. After that, the user signs a contract, becoming a Toptal developer. The portal looks for projects for the employee and provides work. Freelance orders are paid by the exchange, not the clients.

Website: https://www.toptal.com/

6- FlexJobs

Flexjobs yet another very efficient and wonderful website for freelancer and remote jobs. But let me tell you that getting the first project at Flexjobs is not a cup of tea, you would have to wait for a long sometimes before the first employer hires you. Why? It is because the competition at Flexjobs is very high and the employers first prefer experienced workers

Website: https://www.flexjobs.com/

7 – Craigslist

If you had been thinking that Craigslist is only a website for traders and online sellers, then you are absolutely wrong. Craigslist initiated its journey in 1995 and is currently headquartered in San Francisco. This website is actually a wonderful freelance marketplace, here you can showcase your services of writing, web designing, SEO or any skills you have and trust me the clients would get you hired if your showcased portfolios are efficient and catchy enough.

Website: https://www.craigslist.org/

8- Freelancer

There are so many reasons for me to say that freelancer is just a perfect website to have a successful freelancing career at. Daily millions of projects go online at this marketplace, and billions of freelancers apply onto their relevant ones as per their skills and experience level. You can also consider joining this giant marketplace, but getting your first job here would be only possible if your profile is shiny enough and you have taken bunch of skill tests.

Website: https://www.freelancer.com/

9 – Guru

From language experts, php developers to the writers and SEOs, guru is a wonderful marketplace. Here the clients come with full trust that they would definitely get the best freelancer to get their work done.

The main category of orders: web and mobile development, design, creation of desktop applications. Only projects with a fixed price are available on the exchange. For beginners, a simple free account is enough, users with a rating choose a paid account, the cost of which is determined by the category of services they provide.

Website: https://www.guru.com/

10- Zeerk

Zeerk is a famous content and social networking website. The marketers, writers and social media professionals can submit their resumes and cover letters at Zeerk. Zeerk a well-known alternative to Fiverr, where freelancers could apply for jobs for free. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes searching gigs even easier for freelancers. Zeerk is used by small businesses around the world that are looking for freelancers to work for them.

Website: https://zeerk.com/

11- Truelancer

Finding the freelancing job of your dreams at Truelancer is quite easy. It works just like UpWork and Freelancer. So you have to build a shiny profile and showcase your past work to get hired by millions of clients who post their projects daily at Truelancer.

Website: https://www.truelancer.com/

12- Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a giant website with numerous projects being posted every day. Here you can quite easily find the projects of your desire and of your skill level. But once your profile gets shined, it would be easy for you to get hired. But before that just sit and take some skill tests, because many of the clients prefer the freelancers who have passed different skill tests with good grades.

Website: https://talent.hubstaff.com/

13- 99designs

99Designs is the best freelance website where the competition for the order is held. Participants send their options for solving problems and the customer chooses the winner. The winner receives a pre-agreed payment and transfers the rights to the project to the client.

Website: https://99designs.com/

14- DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a freelance website community where freelancers offer a quote to a customer. After that, the client chooses an executor and pays for the task. Work starts after payment.

On the service, you need to go through the stages of testing: pass a literacy test, write a test text, fill out a questionnaire on knowledge of the rules of the language.

Website: https://www.designcrowd.com/

15- Dribbble

Dribble is a job search portal for game designers, digital artists and front-end developers. There is the option of remote orders or location-based. This is a large community of graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and 3D renderers. It has a section where design vacancies are posted.

Website: https://dribbble.com/

16- Onsite

Onsite is the go-to stage for everything new companies. While the site offers an assortment of services for new businesses, it’s generally mainstream and notable component is its extensive board, which associates ability with start up promising circumstances—including freelance jobs. This site is accessible by invitation. To consider the candidacy of a specialist, you must provide examples of work.

Website: https://onsite.io/

17- SolidGigs

Though other websites like Fiverr are titled towards customer satisfaction, SolidGigs bags the triumph for developing an equilibrium between perks for companies and salespeople.

Solid Gigs is one of the unconventional freelancer platforms, doing for salespeople what most freelancer websites like Fiverr perform for companies. As soon as you upgrade your skills and experience level on Solid Gigs, their staff scours the internet area for tasks that satisfy your requirements.

Website: https://solidgigs.com/


18- Jobs Problogger

It is a golden chance for the bloggers to get hired early at this website. What you have to do is just to contact the project posters and clients at their given contact details. Once they get in touch with you, settle the payment terms and start a successful blogging career right away.

Website: https://problogger.com/jobs/

19- Gigbucks

One of the of the very best freelancer programs, Gig Bucks is acceptable for the sort of individuals mentioned previously.

Why is Gig Bucks among those unconventional freelancer platforms is the classes on the website. The’regular’ ones comprise company, advertising, photography, social advertising, translation, images, music, and artwork.

Website: https://gigbucks.com/

20- Writeraccess

Writer Access is one of the sites like Fiverr that cater to freelance writers and businesses who’re looking for content.

Here’s a heads up, though: as a writer, you may have a tough time getting onto the platform as they hand-review your portfolio, experience, and application.

Following that, the platform only approves the best writers to join its liberated workforce. With time, Writer Access has expanded its categories, taking in new writers from all fields of work.

However, blog, copy, comedy, journalism, legal, and technical writers are more likely to get lucky on the freelance platform.

Website: https://www.writeraccess.com/

The list is huge. In fact, few freelancers work with more than three exchanges. Typically, professional freelancers use them purely for portfolios, collecting feedback, and making safe deals.

Friends, which option did you choose for yourself? Hopefully, you will discover best freelance platforms or websites kickstart your freelancer trip on a successful note. Perhaps you have already worked on one of the best freelance websites, please let us know.

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