Best Free VPN Apps for Android

Top 11 Best Free VPN Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

If you want to hide your IP address and protect your private data, here are the best free VPNs for tablets, Android smartphones, Windows and Mac OS to download for free. It has become necessary to use a VPN for your digital security, especially when shopping online.

First of all, what is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual private networks) Virtual private networks: are connections on a private or public network. A VPN client uses special TCP / IP protocols, called tunneling protocols (like tunneling).

In reality, a VPN encrypts your connection and increases both your digital privacy and your security. These free VPNs encrypt your browsing activity, and unblock content. In other words, a VPN gives you a new IP address to make your internet browsing completely anonymous.

For example, there are providers like VPNBook, ProtonVPN and Betternet that offer unlimited and free VPN services, while other VPN providers offer a free but limited monthly service.

 Why use a VPN?

There are many reasons to change or hide your IP address. Indeed Internet users around the world are increasingly better informed and have better control over their online security. Here are some reasons to change your IP address:

  • Prevent hackers from discovering your location.
  • Access blocked content.
  • Bypass IP bans on discussion forums.
  • Bypass IP limits on downloads
  • Bypass local censorship.

Finally in this article we have gathered the best free VPN servers to protect your privacy.

The Best Free VPNs for Windows, Mac, and Android

1- OPERA VPN: 100% free !


Opera VPN is the first VPN of our selection. It is a free VPN integrated into the free Opera internet browser. You can use it to surf the Internet with privacy. In fact Opera is the first browser to integrate a VPN with unlimited free service. Its operation is immediate to activate it you just need to check the box “Activate VPN” in the security settings. A button is available in the address field to activate and deactivate its functionality, which is very practical.

2-Windscribe: 10 GB / month!


Windscribe is the second best free VPN service in our selection. In addition, it provides 10 GB of anonymous browsing data per month for free. It also offers servers in over 50 countries with strong encryption of your data. For example it can unblock Netflix no matter where you are with the “Windflix” service. It also blocks advertisements and trackers that follow you around the web. Not to mention, Windscibe VPN secures your Wifi and helps you protect your privacy online. The paid offer is $ 4 / month for an unlimited and secure connection.

3- VpnBook: 100% free !


VPNBook  is an unrestricted free VPN, it is designed with the latest technology and the most advanced cryptographic techniques to protect you from hackers on the Internet. In fact VPNBook routes all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, allowing you to bypass censorship. VPNBook is also found to strive to keep your connection secure by providing access to the PPTP and OpenVPN service. As for the servers they are hosted in Romania (one of the best places for privacy) in the US and UK this allows you to watch programs like Netflix and access restricted websites by your country.

4- Betternet: 100% free !


BetterNet  is one of the most popular free VPN services with over 38 million installations, The “free-forever” promise means you can use its VPN for as long as you want with no data limits. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android platforms, and Chrome and Firefox browsers. In fact an advertising system is built into BetterNet VPN to cover expenses and keep the service free as much as possible. Not to mention that no registration is required to use this VPN service.

5-ExpressVpn: 100% free!


Express VPN  with over 145 million users enjoying the security and freedom of a barrier-free internet connection. Express VPN is a free and unlimited product forever. It is the first virtual private network (Peer-to-Peer), where users help each other to make the Internet accessible to all by sharing their unused resources. This is called “community VPN”. It takes care of protecting your privacy, network security and personal information. We also find that Express is a VPN Simple to use it works on all your devices. You can even use it on multiple devices at the same time to enjoy more open and more secure internet browsing.($ 5 / month).

6- TunnelBear


TunnelBear  is one of the best free VPN services in our selection. It’s a Simple to use VPN with a cool and fun graphical interface. Select the country of your choice and watch the Bear move from tunnel to tunnel and change your restricted and limited browsing to more open and more secure Internet browsing. It is also found that it supports multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. Regarding the amount of data this service offers up to 500MB per month for free and the paid offer is $ 9.99 / month ($ 4.99 / month annually) for an unlimited and secure connection. Hiding your IP address becomes child’s play with TunnelBear!


hideme-vpn-for-smartphones Is one of the best free VPN services with over five million users. Unlike other free VPNs which sometimes offer you slow servers,’s servers provide good download speed with a minimum bandwidth of 3Mbit / s. We also find that supports many devices. on Windows, Mac, Android, smartphones and even Apple televisions! Regarding data transfer, it is limited to 2GB per month for the free plan. While the paid offer is $ 4.99 / month for a transfer at the limit of 75GB or $ 9.99 / month for an unlimited transfer without forgetting that the bandwidth can reach up to 150Mbits / s for the paid offers. VPN is a good choice for those looking for a bulk download without getting caught!

8- Speedify

speedify-vpn  is one of the best free VPNs. It offers 1 GB of data per month. In fact Speedify VPN is designed to keep the internet connection as fast as possible. Protect yourself from unsecured networks without reducing your connection speed. In addition, Speedify VPN ranks as the next generation of VPN, designed with the latest encryption standards to offer you twice the performance. We also find that Speedify allows you to unblock your favorite services while you are at work or at home. school, you can securely access your emails in public places, and watch content limited to your location or while traveling. Speedify is available on Windows, Mac and Android and its paid version is $ 4.12 / month (annually) for unlimited volume.

9- Proton VPN


Proton VPN  Also ranked as one of the best free VPNs. It offers a free plan with no browsing limit which is very generous. However, the browsing speed for the free plan is limited. In fact, Proton VPN’s main servers are secure and located in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden, protected by strong privacy laws. We also find that Proton VPN exclusively uses VPN protocols known for their security like OpenVPN. When you use Proton VPN you are browsing the web with advanced security features that ensure anonymity. Proton VPN also allows you to access websites that might be blocked in your country.

10- SurfEasy Secure Android VPN


SurfEasy  is a free VPN that gives you 500MB / month. This VPN encrypts all the traffic of your internet connection on smartphone, tablet and computer to protect your privacy. You can also browse without restriction from anywhere in the world. Easily bypass firewalls and gain access to blocked content of your choice. We also find that SurfEasy ensures the availability of 500 servers in 28 countries. No matter how you browse the web, let SurfEasy take care of your protection. SurfEasy is available on Windows, Mac and Android and its paid version is between $ 4.99 and $ 11.99 per month.

11-HotSpot Shield


HotSpot Shield is one of the most popular free VPN services with over 500 million installations. This service helps you bypass local censorship of websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. In other words with Hotspot Shield VPN you can ignore filters and firewalls defined by your network administrator. When it comes to Anonymous Surfing for privacy and security reasons, Hotspot Shield VPN gives you anonymous web browsing. HotSpot Shield gives you 500MB of data per day and the paid version is $ 5.99 / month for unlimited volume. HotSpot Shield remains the benchmark for free VPNs!

The Best Paid VPN:

PureVPN is our selection among paid VPNs ( 2 euro / month ) for an unlimited and secure connection. In order to secure your privacy PureVPN is one of the best VPN for Torrent download and P2P sharing.

The main features of PureVPN:

1-  Servers optimized for Torrent , Peer to Peer file sharing in 10 countries including Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brunei, Germany, Russia, Sweden (via the United States).

2-  Possibility of unlimited server change.

3-  Compatibility with all popular devices and routers.

4-  French speaking customer support active 24/7/365.

5- Support for OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP / IPSec and SSTP protocols and support for Rock solid encryption.

6-  750+ Online VPN Servers, 140+ Total Countries and 180 Locations.


Finally, using a free VPN can have a lot of advantages and there are several choices. On the other hand, the choice of a paid VPN is even wider! Do not forget to install an Antivirus on your Android Phones.

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