20 Best Websites to Listen Online Music Streaming for Free

Listening to music has become an integral part of our lives. We listen to music when we are with friends, when we go for a run, when we try to relax, or simply, when we want to listen to the hits of our favorite artists. Nothing better than listening to music without filling your memory. After all, the ability to play any song online for free without taking up space will always be the best option.

Here are several free best online sites for streaming music. They have hundreds of music that you can listen to for free all day long. These websites become available for free to download the music you want and have your own music library. In this article we have put together the best sites for listening to music online for free.

Here is our top 20 of the best online music sites that you must not miss.

1 – Soundcloud – free music site

Soundcloud is an online service that feeds on the music that its users upload, and that can be listened to for free . You can search by artist, by song, by bands, themes, podcasts and browse music by different genres, or see what is currently hot on the page. You can follow your friends or other users who have a similar taste in music to yours, or create your own playlists.

In many ways, SoundCloud is the most idealistic of the free music listening sites, focusing on promoting the music of emerging artists.

2 -Spotify – listen to music for free

Spotify is one of the most popular platforms to listen to free music online Spotify is an amazing free music streaming website with millions of songs available for you to listen to whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Spotify acts like a radio, which means that you will listen to songs by artists that you have listened to and want to listen to.

You can use it in your browser, on your mobile device or through the desktop application that you can download from the official website. Once you are logged in, you can listen to songs, create playlists and share your favorite music with your friends.


3- Youtube Music

YouTube Music is the online music streaming service made by YouTube. You find many artists on this platform. The free version includes advertising. YouTube has a site dedicated to music. Anyone can access and listen to free music online without signing up for a Google account.

Videos are already organized into smart playlists, based on genres and locations. The more you listen, the more they adapt to reflect your tastes.



Last.fm is a great site both for listening to music and for downloading the songs you like. It will also suggest artists that may interest you, based on the artists you usually listen to . The music on Last.fm comes from services like Spotify and YouTube. You can select the font you want. Last.fm, is an Internet radio station with more than 20 million subscribers worldwide.


5- Pandora

Pandora is a streaming music website where you will not only be able to listen to your favorite music, you will also discover new music that you will possibly like. 

Enter an artist, genre or composer in Pandora and they will create an online radio station based on what you like. While listening to your radio station, you will hear songs and artists similar to the ones you already like. You can then tell Pandora if you want to hear more like what you are listening to or move in a different direction.

You’re also not limited to free online music from a radio station – you can create up to 100 unique stations that only contain music that you love.



Like Spotify, Deezer has both free and paid tiers. Free users can access the service’s 53 million licensed tracks and 30,000 radio channels. You can also create playlists, use the music discovery tools on Deezer, and listen to live radio.

Like any large site to listen to music online, it has a number of limitations. Because if you want to listen to unlimited free music on your smartphone, you can’t. You can only listen to Deezer’s own mixes, with announcements and online connection.


7- Musixhub

If you just want to listen to free music while online, Musixhub is the solution, you don’t need to create an account. You can freely browse artists and play tracks.

Musixhub has a library function where you can save your favorite songs; however, you will need to use your Facebook profile to create an account and log in. Reliance on the service on Facebook can make some users uncomfortable, but you can still listen to music without registering.


8- iHeartRadio 

iHeartRadio combines a live radio app and personalized music streaming service into one amazing website and app. You can listen to live radio stations by  choosing the city and genre you want, and iHeartRadio will display all the stations that match your search criteria, after which you can immediately start listening.

If you prefer not to listen to the radio, you can  build your own custom stations  that are like a radio station, but instead are based on the songs and artists that you already know you like. This works by telling iHeartRadio what you want to hear, and it will play songs similar to the ones you define.

The iHeartRadio Music app supports a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you sleep, as well as an alarm to automatically start playing any of your favorite stations in the morning.

iHeartRadio Music app

9- MixCloud

Mixcloud is a place to listen to long-lasting audio files, such as DJ sets, podcasts or radio talk shows. It’s a great website to listen to endless playlists playing in the background for hours on end . You can also create your own playlists on the platform.

10- Soundclick

Soundclick.com is one of the first music streaming sites on the internet (1997). This site aims to give each artist a chance to make themselves known and even sell their music. You can make unlimited playlists and listen to the music you like. This service is free to listen and download MP3s and paid for artists who don’t want ads on their profile page. 

Soundclick is the perfect place to find artists you don’t know. With Soundclick you immediately understand that good music is not always in the media. The site is very well done without doubt one of the best music sites on the internet.


11- Audiomack.com

Audiomack.com is a very popular platform not only for listening to music but also for publishing it. If you are an artist this is the perfect place to market yourself and your music to thousands. 

The use of Audiomack is free even for offline use. You can listen to music without interruption while remaining legal. The AudioMack site uses ads but in a reasonable way which does not spoil the enjoyment of the users. We can say that Audiomack is a quality site very well done with a great design.


12- Jango

Jango doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Pandora, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the app. The service advertises itself as “just like Pandora, just less ads and more variety.”The claims are just; It has a huge library of songs, you can jump between them however you want and it works on all your devices.

All this adds up to make Jango one of the best options for listening to music online, without the need to download an application or register.


13- Jamendo

Jamendo.com a very popular site based in Luxembourg and online since 2004. Jamendo is a platform of independent artists. It aims to introduce new artists and help them earn money with music. A very large community is active around Jamendo with more than 3 million users. 

Jamendo is offered in two versions, one completely free to listen to and download Mp3s and another paid version to use the music in a commercial project. The site is very well done with a very successful design, the navigation is very fast which makes its use very pleasant.

14- LiveXLive

LiveXLive (formerly called Slacker Radio) is similar to some of these other music streaming websites in that it allows you to create custom radio stations that are based on the songs, genres, and artists you enjoy.After choosing the type of music you like to listen to, LiveXLive will stream similar music mixed with the songs you suggested.

LiveXLive also allows you to  find stations that have already met  , which is a great way to discover new music while also listening to songs that you probably already know you enjoy. This service also includes  festivals and live events  .

The LiveXLive service works from various mobile devices through its free app.You can buy a LiveXLive subscription to get more features. There’s a Plus version with no ads, unlimited skipping, and the highest audio quality, while Premium includes those features, as well as offline listening and the ability to play any music on demand.


15- Tune In 

TuneIn is a website where you can listen to free music streaming. Unlike other services like Spotify where you can listen to music on demand, TuneIn is ideal for listening to radios from all over the world . You just have to enter what type of radio you want (either by musical genre, by theme or whatever you want) and you will find multiple radio stations based on that.



Gaana is the one-stop music streaming app for all your music needs. Gaana is a free music streaming service that provides totally royalty-free songs . Launched in 2011, the website has a vast collection of English and Bollywood music (yes, you read that right) to choose from.


17- DashRadio

DashRadio is a free online music listening website that has tons of radios and offers different music genres. Find any radio by musical genre and add it to your profile in case you ever come back . You can also share your favorite radios with friends from your social networks .


18- 8tracks.com

8tracks provides you with music in eight different categories. You can choose between romantic, sad, or other emotional states so that songs appear that adapt to your mood. Alternatively, you can enjoy playlists created by 8tracks and thus discover new songs .


19-  SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is an interesting music streaming service that gives you access to over 89,000 radio stations from around the world. You can browse stations by genre or search for stations or artists. No registration is required and you can start streaming music in seconds.

But SHOUTcast is not just a streaming service. Its broadcasting tools allow you to start your radio station. The service is completely free and you can even monetize your radio station with the Targetspot Publisher program.


20- musicMe

musicMe is also a free site for listening to music online. It has a huge collection of music, and you can do your research from the title of the music or the name of your favorite artist. You can also visit the top listens section to listen to the most popular songs.

A unique feature that musicMe offers is that in addition to listening to music, it is also possible to listen to the radio with the latest news. With musicMe, you have a 30-day free trial.

If you are a music fan, you can listen to your favorite songs and music tracks for free through above mentioned several free music streaming sites. You can, once registered on these platforms, download songs, discover new singers, share songs and playlists. You can access, in real time, all the new music as well as the latest albums released online. Above mentioned are the free platforms for music streaming that allow access to your favorite artists.

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