8 Best Free Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android Phone:

 Ads have always been a major source of annoyance for most of us who regularly browse the internet resources. In the tug of earning money, the developers often lose focus of how
intrusive these ads are to the user’s experience. Most of the time we are just too annoyed to continue and so, we simply quit the site. This costs not only them but us too.

Therefore, AdBlockers emerged to provide us an ad-free, non-intrusive experience of surfing the web. In this article we will explore some emerging and established best ad blocker apps  available on all the latest android phones.

AdBlock Apps for Android – Best Ad Blocker Apps

1- AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is probably the best and most trusted desktop and android ad-blocker for non-rooted devices. However, it is not only limited to android. It supports all major mobile and desktop platforms.

On non-root android devices, you are required to use the AdBlock Browser version for security reasons. On desktops it is available as a chrome extension. For users who don’t mind switching browsers this is perhaps the best option.


  • Blocks all annoying advertisements by default, including Youtube video ads, Facebook video ads, pop-ups and much more).
  • Disable tracking ( Allowing you to surf web anonymously)
  • Disable Malware domains
  • Available on both Android and Ios platform.
  •  Easy to use UI


  • The app involves in-app purchase which gives you some extra themes and features.
  • Functionalities Limited to browser
  • Does not block ads on applications.

2. AdGuard for Android

AdGuard is yet another option for blocking ads on your android phone. If your ads go far beyond just the browser and into the apps you use everyday, this might be of some help. It filters ads from incoming HTTP Responses from web servers through it’s own VPN and helps circumvent Phishing Attacks. It also features low battery consumption, data savings and parental control system.


  • 20 different languages to choose from.
  • Speeds up website loading time
  •  Disable tracking


  • Limited to Yandex and Samsung browser.
  • Sometimes unable to block pop-up ads.
  • Consumes a lot of battery life.

3. DNS66 for Android

Available on the F-Droid marketplace, this app made it’s way to the list of our best android ad blocker apps due to the ease of use it gives to novice users who just want those annoying ads to disappear while providing uncompromising molecularity to expert users.


  • Blocks all annoying advertisements by default, including Youtube video ads, Facebook video ads, pop-ups and much more).
  • Disable tracking ( Allowing you to surf web anonymously)
  •  Easily blocks the ads without any issues.
  • Available to use for free on the Android platform.
  • Comes with a great UI.


 Limited functionalities.

 4. Block This for Android

Block-This is an open source project and offers ad blocking for android with no root. It uses the same VPN technology as AdGuard with some differences. It claims to be able to increase page speed by removing unnecessary scripts (analytics, ads, etc.) and saves data by upto 35%.

It goes one step further than the others whereby it removes any censorship established by your ISP on any website and grants you unrestricted access to all websites worldwide.

5. AppBrain Ad Detector for Android

AppBrain Ad Detector is a high-end spam and ad detection app that allows you not only to remove apps on the surface but also to sniff out the source of the ads. You can even find out what Social SDKs (facebook, twitter, etc.) and what Analytics Scripts (GA scripts, etc.) the developer has used to develop the site or app. It features both basic and pro settings for you to fine-tune.


  •  It sends spam push notifications at anytime.
  •  There are different privacy related issues.

 6. NetGuard for Android

NetGuard allows users to choose from a plethora of optional settings distributed among its simple and advanced settings to minimize ads and network usage without disrupting important services. It is open source and supports tethering and use across multiple devices.

You can also selectively allow ads in apps using the advanced settings. It also lets you optionally keep track of network usage by various apps and services.


  • Easy to use.
  • Does not require root access.
  •  It supports multiple devices.
  •   Does not track your data.


  • It keeps sending unwanted push notifications.
  • It can also access your location, contacts, messages without you knowing it.
  • It sometimes automatically creates spam icons on your desktop.

7. AdAway for Android

If you own a rooted android device, this app is probably the only app you should be using to block ads on your android phone. It is the best android ad blocker  for android phones with root access. People who have used this have commented that they have never experienced another hint of an ad even from the start. It has a very minimal battery usage footprint.

The app uses a Hosts file that is periodically updated by the makers for changes. Apart from being secure and robust, it is also highly configurable. It can be downloaded for free from F-Droid marketplace.


  • Adaway also got the ability to block ads using host files.
  •  It’ll block all the ads via a 3rd party server.
  • Does not require/use many resources.


  • It requires root access.
  • Not available to download on the Google Play App.

 8. Adblock Youtube for Android

While this is not the best ad blocker apps, it proves to be very helpful to a majority of us. Remember those annoying YouTube Ads in your YouTube App that keep getting longer by the day.

This Xposed Framework Module wipes these ads clean. Even after you update your official YouTube App, all you have to do is restart your phone and the module keeps working again.


To conclude, you now have a list of eight Android applications to help you block annoying ads, so the choice is yours to choose the best one.

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