Top 16 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android and iOS

The functions that you use on your device are the main factor in determining how long your battery life will last. These functions can be very energy-intensive. This information can only be obtained by installing an app that monitors your battery and provides detailed information about the system’s power consumption. These apps offer power-saving features that allow you to adjust your device settings to maximize battery life. Find out the best ways to prolong your battery life, and the best battery-saving apps.

These are the top Best battery-saving apps for iOS and Android

As most battery-saving measures, such as dimming the screen or changing the brightness, are manually done, it’s difficult to find an app that actually saves battery power. Battery saving can do more harm than good. There are some apps that can reduce the battery consumption. We will show you the best battery-saving apps for iOS and Android.

1-Greenify for Android and iOS


It is one the most widely used battery-saving apps. This app was initially only available for rooted Android phones. It is now available on all Android smartphones. The app is more functional and efficient if you have a root device. Greenify is an Android app that offers modern features. It can put your whole system into “hibernation” mode, which will extend your battery’s life. This prevents new applications from being launched on your system, which saves the battery. Greenify offers all the features for free, but if you wish to help develop this app, there is a $ 2.99 paid version.

2-Battery Doctor for Android and iOS


Battery Doctor is a popular battery-saving app. This app is well-known for its efficiency and its ability to be used in any language (over 28 languages are supported). This app is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can increase your battery life with just one click by closing down power-hungry apps. Battery Doctor tracks the battery status based on which application is being used. This application offers energy-saving options that are specific to your usage. A widget can be used to access system parameters (brightness and wifi) in a very useful way. You can find it here.

3-DU Battery Adapter (Android and iPhone)


DU Battery saver is a popular app that has over 400 million downloads worldwide. This app can help you extend your battery life. This app will instantly detect and fix power consumption issues on your device. You can reduce your consumption by changing the settings. You have several options. 2-a cooler that turns off any apps that drain your device’s resources. A widget that simplifies the management of economy parameters. The Battery Monitor monitors all applications. 5-The smart charger which displays the remaining charge time.

4-Green Battery Saver, Booster, Cleaner, App Lock (Android).


It is one the most effective battery-saving apps for Android in 2017 & 2018. It allows you to manage all power-hungry apps and is very accurate in managing your battery. You can set up power saving mode to save your battery when it gets low. You can turn off functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that use the most battery, like sound, GPS, Bluetooth, brightness, GPS, GPS, Wi-Fi, GPS, GPS, GPS, etc. Battery saver offers several energy-saving modes, including sleep mode for when you’re asleep and economy mode for when you work. You can also adjust your settings using a custom mode.

5-Avast Battery Saver (Android).


Avast gave us not only a powerful antivirus, but also a battery saver. With just one click, you can turn off or on battery saving. Smart technology uses the app to calculate and display your remaining battery life, and then tell you what to do next. You can choose from pre-set battery saving modes if you don’t wish to manually adjust the settings. Avast Battery Saver is a battery-saving app that can increase your battery life by up to 20%. It shuts down background apps that consume power. This amazing app has once more proven its value. 

6-Kaspersky Battery (Android)


Kaspersky has its own battery-saving app. This is the most downloaded battery saver app with more than 1 million downloads. This app is free and can help you increase your battery life as well as charge your device faster. Kaspersky Battery Live is the battery-saver that monitors all running apps and shows you which ones are using the most. Kaspersky can also calculate how much battery you have left. Each running application is monitored continuously, even those that are running in the background. Kaspersky Battery Live makes it easy to worry less about your battery.

7 McAfee (Android).

Mcfee Battery Saver App

Mcfee has its own battery-saving app, just like Kaspersky. This app will optimize your battery life and improve your device’s performance. The app prolongs battery life by turning off power-hungry tasks. Mcfee Battery Saver can also be used to clean up files. It can delete temporary files as well as ad files. This helps to free up storage space as well as clear the cache. This program can also remove hundreds of unwanted photos, such as blurry photos that eat up lots of space and other resources.

8-Coconut Battery iOS


Coconut Battery is an iOS app that allows you to keep track of the state of your battery. It has become difficult to find technical battery information since iOS updates. This app displays all information about your battery, live. We can list the following information: the age, recharges performed, health, temperature, and the capacity of your battery in comparison to its original state. You can also compare your device’s information with other users. If you wish to help develop the app, a paid version is available.

9-HD Battery for Android


Battery HD is a battery-saving app that’s free to download. It features a well-designed user interface and a beautiful design. The interface isn’t the only benefit of the app. You can calibrate settings depending on the device you are using. You can modify widgets, notifications, notification bars, and any graph. You can quickly see how many hours are left for an application by just one touch. It was designed by and is a simple, free app that allows you to monitor your battery status. From 536,532 users, the app received a rating of 4.6 stars.

10-GSam Battery Monitoring (Android Rooted, Unrooted)


GSam Battery monitor is a popular battery-saving app. This app will tell you which functions consume the most power on your device. This information can be used to increase your independence. Gsam comes in two versions. The first version is compatible with an unrooted Android system (default), and the second is compatible with a rooted system. The version for a root system will offer more functionality as the application has more authority over your system. To give you more options, and to provide more information about your system, a paid version can be purchased starting at $ 2.5

11-Amplify battery extender root (Android Rooted).


Amplify, an Android app that can be rooted, offers many cool features. It identifies programs that prevent your device from entering sleep mode. Amplify can stop it all. You can manage which apps, notifications, or other services drain your battery. Amplify can be used for free. There is also a paid version that offers more features. It is undoubtedly one of the most battery-saving apps available for rooted Android.

12- Yellow Battery Saver App for Android


The Yellow Battery Saver mobile application is lightweight and can be optimized with one touch to increase battery life. The app offers robust optimization, which increases the battery standby time by up to 50%. Smart save mode is available in the App. This will allow you to monitor and analyze battery usage by showing which background apps are using the most power. This allows you to take the appropriate steps.

13- One Booster – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner


One Booster is an essential app that will keep your phone safe from viruses and increase your phone’s speed. It clears out junk files and caches to make your phone faster, store photos, and install new apps. It will also shut down any unneeded apps that are running in the background, draining the battery. It is easy to use the interface.

14- LUX Battery Master – Battery Saver & Booster


LUX Battery Master is a revolutionary way to take care of your phone’s battery health. It speeds up the charging process. It also has a battery indicator that allows you to see real-time status of your battery’s charging status. It keeps track of the battery status and your usage history.

15- Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver


Battery Guru is one of the best apps. This app provides all the information you need about your phone’s battery health, including how it is performing, display battery usage, battery capacity, and many other useful features. This App can increase your battery life by up to 200%. It also tracks how your phone is charging and what happens to it.

16- Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery


You can get a wide range of features free of charge with this application. Hibernate, the Most Effective Battery Savings, is the best, most powerful, and most practical application that can save you time and improve your user experience. You will find almost all the essential tools you need to prolong your battery life. To give you a better user experience, it works even when your phone is in sleep mode. This app will stop any background usage that slows down your phone’s speed.

These are the 15 best ways to prolong your iPhone or Android battery life

The only way to save battery is not the best. No matter what device you use, there are ways to extend your battery life and runtime. These are simple, practical ways to reduce your system’s energy consumption.

1-You can adjust the brightness of your screen to meet your minimum viewing requirements. For example, a very dim light at night is enough to be able to clearly see your device’s screen. The screen consumes less power if it is dimmed. Your screen is the primary source of your battery drain..

2-You can uninstall any applications you don’t use anymore. This will ensure that they aren’t running in the background and won’t use any power.

3-Your minimum viewing distance should be adjusted to adjust the brightness of the screen. For example, in the evening, a very dim light will suffice to make your screen visible. The screen consumes less power if it is dimmed. Your screen is the primary source of battery drain.

4-You should choose a dark theme, preferably black (or black wallpaper). This will allow you to turn off certain parts of your screen at any time, which will reduce your battery consumption.

5-If you want to save your battery, avoid playing mobile games. Mobile games can be very resource-intensive. If you plan to play, make sure that you have a charge source nearby.

6-When possible, connect to the WiFi network. Connecting to the cellular network drains your battery quicker than WiFi.

7-You should disable any network connections that you don’t use, such as Wifi (the most important), Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS. These connections drain your battery even when they are not being used. These are the connections that drain the battery even when they are not in use.

8-You can use the battery saving mode to save your battery. This mode is very efficient and was designed by the manufacturer. This mode activates battery-saving functions that other apps can’t duplicate.

9-You should not use the vibrator as it requires a small motor in order to activate the vibrations. This small component will drain your battery quicker.

10-The booster will make your device run faster. These apps increase your processor’s frequency by giving it more power. These apps can also block energy-saving processes. The next step is to choose between a durable device that can discharge quickly or a slower, more reliable device with a longer battery life.

11-You should not allow your communication applications to run when you’re not using them, such as Facebook and Twitter. These applications keep updating data every second to show what is happening on the network.

12-Your home screen widgets are also applications that require energy to function. They may appear inactive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t. Widgets you don’t use should be removed. They consume too much power to display new information every second. Live wallpapers work in the same way an application does. Your battery usage will be affected by animation effects.

13-Make sure to keep your apps up-to-date. Apps are frequently updated to reduce power consumption, so make sure you are always up-to-date.

14-Your device will use more power to receive the signal if it is not covered by cellular networks. This can have a negative impact on your battery’s life. If you’re in an area with weak signal, switch to airplane mode.

15-Notifications that are constantly displayed should be disabled. They can not only be annoying, but they also use up power. By blocking an app’s notification, the processor will not be able to check it periodically. This will extend your battery life.

Tips to extend the battery life of your mobile device

No matter what device you use, it is possible to increase your battery life. These are simple, practical tips that will help you extend your battery life without the need to install a battery-saving app.

1-Keep your phone cool.Hot environments can cause smartphone batteries to degrade faster. It is best to avoid leaving your smartphone on your car’s dashboard as it can cause damage..

2-Your charges should be kept between 40% and 80%.A smartphone’s battery should be kept charged at 40%. Allowing the battery to fully discharge can cause it to lose its capacity and even damage. However, leaving the battery connected to 100% can reduce its capacity. It is best to keep your battery charged between 40% and 80%.

3-Only use the charger that came with your phone. A charger that is not compatible with your battery type may cause it to lose its capacity. You should also be aware that cheap chargers can cause your battery to heat up when you recharge it.

4-Do not let your battery go completely dead. Waiting until your phone is turned off to charge your battery will significantly reduce its capacity and make it last longer.


The battery saver will help you significantly increase your battery life. These tips will help you extend the life of your battery. Your battery will eventually go out. There is no way to make your battery last forever. Be aware that batteries can contain toxic substances, so don’t throw them away. Recycle batteries using special containers

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