13 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for File Sharing

In order to provide you with the best DropBox Alternatives  for online storage and file hosting we have reviewed several companies. Each option has advantages and features that make the difference between one service and another, so understand what you need first and then choose the best fit for your budget based on features offered.


Dropbox is most famous for its free of cost online memory space product that permits you to transfer a fantastic offer of data for no fee at all. However, this could be the greatest offering the provider has on tap. Its paid offerings are without the types of features that additional paid services supply and charges a greater cost for them. Depending upon what you ‘re looking for, Dropbox might be the optimal free solution or a lackluster paid solution.

Advantages of using free Dropbox Edition

Dropbox provides the usual complement of online backup features. You can easily control the bandwidth that you utilize for the backups, schedule backups to occur automatically and use it as a method of sharing files between you and additional users. It additionally has some delightful features that are accessible in the free edition, which makes the paid edition even more questionable as far as whether or not it is worth the hard earned cash and if one of our DropBox alternatives isn’t a better option.

Pros of Dropbox

Dropbox has turned into a very effective company as well as that success has not been predicated on an unsatisfactory item. Dropbox, in fact, is an excellent item, particularly in its free of cost incarnation. If you share files by having an additional user, Dropbox will provide you pc alert when they add a little something to the folder that you share or when they change a little something in that folder. The service is quick as well as runs wonderfully. You can easily adjust transmission capacity to make specific that you ‘re not swamping the network traffic when you do a backup as well as because the service is extremely fast, you can rather conveniently upload multimedia files and share them by having buddies in your folders.

Cons of Dropbox

Where Dropbox does not shine is when money starts to enter into the financial transaction. The bundles it offers come in 50 and 100 gigabyte sizes, which are rather modest compared to other service providers. If you need something larger than 100 gigabytes, you have to check with the company instantly. The paid product could not be worth it for folks that live in a world where there are plenty of suppliers for online storage services who are ready to provide a bit more for a bit less hard earned cash.

Why we need Online Storage Space for File Sharing?

1) You send the link of a file to someone else, but that person can share the files with whoever they want.

2) You lose your computer or phone, any stranger could have access to your data.

3) Strangers, coworkers, governments, or hackers may be able to access the data that your backup service stores.

List of Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for File Sharing and Cloud Storage

  1. Box
  2. OneDrive
  3. Mediafire
  4. Google Drive
  5. HubiC
  6. Mega
  7. Amazon Cloud Drive
  8. OwnCloud
  9. JustCloud
  10. ZipCloud
  11. SpiderOak
  12. EgNyte
  13. pCloud

1 – Box.com


If you are looking for a DropBox alternative that does not do automated backup but could give you a decent cloud hosting resource, then you should try out Box. The following are some of the features that make it a good alternative to DropBox.

1. Sign up

It takes a few seconds to sign up with Box. All you have to do is fill in your email, phone number and full names. Once you are inside the live account, you can begin creating your folders with the option of either making it private or shared.

2. User Interface

Its user interface is intuitive and very clean but it also comes with one disadvantage; you cannot multitask. You can also be able to see an update area where you can view any recent changes you made to files and accesses.

If you plan on using Box for storage then you probably will be spending most of your time under “All Files”. They have made it much easier to drag and drop file additions into various folders thanks to their Java upload tool. If you decide to create a Web document while you are browsing inside a folder, then it will get saved inside that folder. In short, creation of documents in Box is very easy.

3. File restrictions

If you plan on uploading small files, then Box.com is a great alternative to DropBox. If you decide to use the free version of Box, you will only be allowed to upload files that are smaller than 25MB. If you are on the upgraded version, of 50GB or 25GB, you can upload files as large as 1GB.

4. Pricing And Plans

Box has a free version which offers 5GB cloud storage. When you upgrade to their personal plan, you will notice that they omit the desktop sync feature. Personal users can get 25GB for $9.99 per month or 50GB for $19.99 per month. The personal plan does not offer any additional features; it only gives you more file storage space.

For more features, you have to upgrade to their business plan. For $15 per month, you will be able to get 500GB storage space to share among your users. You, however, can get added functionality if you wish. Another feature that Box has is the Box enterprise plan. This is a corporate custom solution since you have to call in to get your pricing.

5. Enhanced features

Box provides enhanced features such as dedicated phone support, encrypted data transfer and storage. You can also integrate it with Salesforce.com and Google Apps. In addition, you can access it through tablets, Android phones, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone. They also have partnerships with mobile companies for apps which allow users to easily access their services. Box  supports approximately 120 applications including those that allow users to upload photos and create slide shows, create Excel and Word documents, and record and save audio files.

6. Conclusion

In summary, Box is suitable for both home users and businesses with multiple users. This is because it provides online storage space which is very easy to use.

Free Plan
Capacity : 10 GB
Payment Plans

Personal Pro: $11.50/month
Business Starter: $5.80 per user/month
Business: $17.30/user/month
Enterprise: By quote
Platform Developer: Free
Platform Starter: $500/month
Platform Pro: $4,250/month
Custom: By quote

2- One Drive.com


OneDrive is the popular Microsoft alternative that has been losing steam up to 5GB. But the truth is that those 5GB are just a theoretical starting point.

You can earn bonuses by chaining requirements: for a new laptop , linking an old account, for each friend’s registration, or up to an additional 10GB for a camera album.

In addition, it offers a very low rate: 50GB for 2 euros a month and 1TB for 7 euros a month . With the special addition that in this second offer they include the Office 365 package, with official support, the possibility of editing in the cloud, creating public folders and full integration with the ecosystem of Windows, Office and Skype. Even if they make a single annual payment , they increase the discount to 70 euros per year .

Free Plan
Capacity : 5Gb
Payment Plans
Option 1: Price: € 24 / year Capacity: 50Gb
Option 2: Price: € 69 / year Capacity: Office 365 + 1,000Gb (1Tb) license
Option 3: Price: € 99 / year Capacity: 5 Office 365 licenses and 1,000Gb each user (5Tb in Total)

3- Mediafire.com



Mediafire has been, for many years, one of the most loved applications by users. It incorporated encryption and secure deletion before many others and, despite its veteranity, it remains on the network with enviable stability.

It offers 10GB to new users and the possibility of uploading up to 50 making friends and recommendations.

And pay attention to its 50% discount: 1TB for less than $ 4 a month and 100TB for $ 40 – with such interesting options as sharing with up to 100 users, clean ads, and a personalized “web page” exclusively for us.

Arguably the best current offer in terms of dollar per gigabyte … if it were not because there are still a few to discover.

Free Plan
Capacity : 10 GB
Payment Plans
Pro Plan User : 1 Capacity: 1 TB Price: $3.75/month
Pro Plan User : 1 Capacity: 100 TB Price: $40/month

4- Drive.Google.com


Google Drive service is a good alternative to Dropbox. The guarantee of Google servers is something that is not necessary or explained and the Google Drive service offers superior features to Dropbox, so Google Drive would be a good alternative to Dropbox. It offers 15 gigabytes to start , although if we enter annual programs when buying a smartphone we can go up to 50GB per account.

Its free version offers everything you may need. It is integrated with the email account, so that we can send the files by mail; Ditto with Google Docs, Google Photos, spreadsheets or presentations, as well as external applications such as Adobe Reader.

A powerful system with firm and versatile performance. It serves 100Gb for $ 2, 1TB for $ 10 a month , and 10TB for $ 100 a month, among other offers.

Free Plan
Capacity : 15 GB
Payment Plans
Option 1: Price: € 19.99 / year Capacity: 100Gb
Option 2: Price : €99.99/ year Capacity: 1000Gb(1Tb)

5- HubiC.com


HubiC offers up to 25GB free.

But this is not all: its file transfer system is fast and agile.

They have a pretty crazy temporary offer: for 50 euros, 10TB. Although it is annual, once the offer ends you will keep it.

It is guaranteed by OVH and each space is not shared: it is 100% private; Each transfer is protected using the SSL protocol .

It does not limit the file size whether you are a free or premium user – in free accounts or you put the file link to work or it will expire – and its applications, whether for Android, iOS or Windows Phone, are really clean and simple.

Without a doubt, one of the most loved alternatives by users.

Free Plan
Capacity : 25 GB
Payment Plans
Option 1: Price: € 10 / year Capacity: 100Gb
Option 2: Price: € 50 / year Capacity: 10,000Gb (10Tb)

6- Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon with its Prime service Amazon also offers Cloud Drive service for its customers, in this case Amazon does not offer any free version as such, since the user must pay € 19.95 a year for Prime services to access the service. While it’s true, they offer 3 months free on their unlimited service.

Prime Plan
Requires subscription to Amazon Prime for € 19.95 / year Capacity: Unlimited photos + 5Gb for files
Payment Plan
Option 1: Price: € 70 / year Capacity: Unlimited

7- Mega Cloud


Mega is the popular alternative for computer scientist Kim Dotcom to Megaupload, which reached 50 million visits a day and represents 4% of global Internet traffic.

It offers 50 clean gigabytes , a great integration with browsers, a chat room, secure encryption with a unique key, the possibility of editing and deleting folders whenever we want and it is, without a doubt, one of the fastest and most agile services we know of.

Although it is an application questioned by its own creator , which has dissociated itself from the project, as long as there is no new firm and effective Megaupload, this accidental stem is the best alternative we know of.

8- OwnCloud


Owncloud is not as such a cloud service, but a software to create our own. Owncloud allows us to take advantage of an old equipment or a service that we have to use it as if it were Dropbox.

It is completely free . Being only software, we must previously have a server or equipment that must be on for 24 hours and we must make some configurations beforehand, so we must have technical knowledge. The advantage is that we can take advantage of the storage that is left on our server or an old computer to have a Cloud Drive service without having to pay annual fees.

9- JustCloud


In our JustCloud Review we take a look at why Secure file encryption is the feature that JustCloud prides itself on the most, because clients know that they can expect bank level security at all times. This DropBox alternative is a simple system option that has a structured payment plan to fit everyone’s budget and needs. Built for both personal and business use, JustCloud is customizable enough for you to add many project files that can be sorted and shared in unlimited storage spaces.

1. Features

Some of the most popular features include, open access from a limited number of devices, automated back up service, a free trial, unlimited storage, and bank level encryption that is considered the securest in the industry. Automatic file backup is standard, taking care of the job for you in case you forget or put the task off for too long.

Large uploads are not an issue, and a definite perk for users that do not want to compress files. 2 GB of free service are standard for all users, letting you get a feel for the service initially, and it is a nice perk for users that will undoubtedly use more. Another unique feature is the ability to use and open files across any platform or version. So, if one user saved a file in one platform, authorized users can use the file however they want. This multi-platform access adds an additional level of security to documents, making it unnecessary for you to convert or sort files.  There is even the option of accessing your files with mobile devices, so working on the go is as easy and convenient as possible.

2. Support

JustCloud doesn’t provide technical support via telephone, but via their help center. Their support is generally quick and painless, with the occasional slow reply here and there.

3. Plans and Pricing

As far as packages and pricing goes, JustCloud offers flexible service packages that fit any budget. Before committing make sure you try the fourteen day free trial offer.  When you are ready to commit, grab the best deal. Ranging from five to ten dollars a month, you can lock in two years worth of service for the lowest rates.

The price you pay per month gets you a lot of features and service, but it also comes with dedicated assistance when things go wrong. Support is fast and succinct via email, and handy troubleshooting guides to most questions you have.

4. Security

Because the best security is what most people looking for alternatives to DropBox want, businesses are talking about this service. All data transfers use a 256 bit AES encryption to guarantee that files will be safe. Users already comfortable with the Amazon s3 data center, will be pleased to find information is stored on the server and benefits from the dedicated Amazon servers.

4. Conclusion

JustCloud is the most popular cloud sharing service because of the basic, straightforward plans matched by comprehensive service that data managers understand. A simply laid out payment structure lets you know what you are getting so you can estimate budgets before purchasing.  JustCloud.com is a strong contender for DropBox alternatives because everything about the company is meant to make your life easier.

10- ZipCloud


ZipCloud provides a great Dropbox alternative and does a very good job of making online backup appear to be very simple. It was founded in 2011 and the service so far offers a fresh and new approach to syncing and cloud hosting. Since its release, it has become very popular among users.

Take a look at our full ZipCloud review below.

1. Features

ZipCloud offers its users unlimited storage space. All you have to do is sign up and you are given free space; you do not have to pay for more space or any kind of upgrades. Unlimited storage space, however, is only applicable to the computer that you are using. If you wish to use more than one computer, then you have to sign up for extra accounts for those computers.

Unlimited syncing is also available. You can sync with as many computers as you wish. This means that you can link up all the computers that you are using and any changes that are made in a single file on one computer will automatically be changed in all the other computers. This eliminates the hassle of having to email documents that have been changed to co-workers.

ZipCloud also offers a file sharing feature where users can upload their files and share them online through a simple download link. This makes it easy to share large files such as movies which could have otherwise forced you to copy them to a USB drive or burn them on a DVD.

Unfortunately, ZipCloud does not have a mobile application but it does have a mobile website. This mobile website is compatible with most smartphones. You can log in to your account with a smartphone and upload, access or share your files with your friends or co-workers.

ZipCloud automatically backs up data once a day although you can decide to customize your schedule. If your work involves a lot of documents which have to be regularly backed up, you might want to consider their hourly back up plan.

It offers secure data centers and encrypted connections so when your PC connects with ZipCloud, other people cannot intercept data transferred from ZipCloud data servers to your PC. Moreover, additional security measures are utilized so as to protect any files that are uploaded and stored on the servers.

2. Support

The only kind of customer support that the service offers is through a ticket support system. The only way that you can contact their customer support is by submitting a ticket through their ticket submission system. This may prove to be very inconvenient especially if you have an urgent matter. They do not have phone support where you can just call and get immediate help.

3. Prices

The prices, however, do not differ that much and you would be better off going for the unlimited plan. For 75 GB, users are required to pay $4.95 per month while for 250GB users are required to pay $5.95 per month. For unlimited storage space, users are required to pay $6.95 per month. The service also charges extra for hourly backups which usually cost $32.

4. Conclusion

The service is inexpensive and they have two types of plans. Users can use the unlimited plans or the limited one depending on how much they are willing to spend.

11- SpiderOak


If you are looking for online backup solutions, then you might have probably heard of SpiderOak online backup service. It is a great DropBox alternative and provides one-size-fits all operating system solution. The following are some of the features which make it a great cloud hosting service as well as a file storage option. Take a look at our full SpiderOak Review below.

1. Sign Up

Sign up on the SpiderOak Website is SSL secured and very easy to do. Once you sign up, you have to download their standard installer. The installer will run you through the typical dialogue for installation. Unlike other backup solutions, SpiderOak offers installer software for major OSes such as Linux, Mac and Windows. Upon sign up, you will be given a free storage of 2GB. Once you have finished the installation process, you can log in and create a new account. Creating an account is very easy and fast; you only have to provide the name of your computer.

2. Program interface and Back up

The interface is straight forward and easy to understand. For the back up, you need to select My Documents folders and Desktop. Once the data has been locally encrypted and compressed, the backup process will be launched. All current back up tasks are usually displayed on the status tab.
Encryption has an advantage; if you forget your password, you can easily reset it using the service and all your data will be available to you. The disadvantage is that when there is a security breach, your data could land into the wrong hands.

3. Unique Features

One of the unique features that SpiderOak has is its remote store compression and pre-upload of data. The spider oak application has a storage bar at the bottom where you can check to get an idea of how effective the compression of your data is.

It also comes with a sync feature. If you have multiple computers, this can be a very useful feature. Any documents that have been backed up using SpiderOak can be accessed by anyone anywhere regardless of the kind of OS system they have on their computer.

Like most of the other online backup services, SpiderOak offers free iOs and Android application for your iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc. The application is very small in size which makes it easy to download and install. Through this application, it is very easy to access synced files and folders. The application however does not allow you to back up any files from your iOs device.

4. Plans & Pricing

When you sign up for the service, you instantly get free 2GB of storage. If you want an upgrade, they offer 100GB increments for $10 every month. Alternatively, you can pay $100 per year for 100GB increments. Students can get 50% discounts on any of the premium plans.

5. Conclusion

SpiderOak is a back-up service that relies on online storage syncing. You can access your files anywhere from any device. The good thing with the service is that it does not delete previous versions of files that have been stored. Moreover, everyone who signs up for the service has their own unique encryption key to their data. In short, its approach to online backup is refreshing.

12- EgNyte


Egnyte offers a lot of file sharing services that industry professionals desperately want, but hate paying more than necessary for. One of the best features is that there is no limit to the size of files that can be stored and shared, a perk that is hard to find with other services.Customers cite the ease of use and the ability to access their storage files from almost any device as one of their favorite features and the reason they rate the service so highly.

 Egnyte is able to offer secure benefit options that really drive the potential for administrators to manage a lot of data for themselves, or for clients.

The Egnyte service is more expensive than other file sharing services, but the rates are backed by a secure server and some of the best file sharing options in the industry. Large file capabilities, and the ability to share those files just the way they are makes Egnyte incredibly attractive. A lot of the work that other data managers have to do to make files compatible is not necessary with this service, saving you time and money if you are a business that pays someone to do this work.


Several individuals can access account files simultaneously from the main server or through mobile access. This last feature makes Egnyte very attractive to businesses that need to be able to create file sharing ability and have customers that use a wide variety of operating systems and browsers.

With Egnyte you get both the benefits of the cloud and the local storage that users are able to arrange for themselves.  Data can be stored and synced across several storage systems, giving you even more options for your information. It also boasts the widest number of compatible devices when compared to other services, so it doesn’t matter what mobile devices your employees use, they can access the files they need from wherever they may be.


The Egnyte service offers many different payment tiers and plans, and many users like that they do not have to commit to long contracts, but can pay monthly for service. Current rates for Egnyte are  about twenty five dollars per month on average for unlimited storage space with the service. Smaller packages can be arranged for casual users, personal accounts and small business users that need a safe server but do not have as much storage data needs. Additionally, there is a large package known as The Office package that allows for 1TB of data to be stored among several employees.

Finally, the largest package comes with 3TB of data and is called The Enterprise package because it really does provide everything the largest company could need in terms of online data storage. Any account plan can be updated is storage space runs out, in GB increments, so understand what you need before committing to any plan size so that you are able to save yourself some money when your business flourishes. Take advantage of the trial offer to see if you are able to take advantage of the service and need all the features that are available.

13- pCloud


pCloud is a dynamically developed cloud data storage service that offers encryption as an additional payment option. The service creates its own virtual drive on a computer and the files you store on it go directly to the cloud. A user can create a separate “Encryption” folder within the same drive and the rest of the contents of this folder would be encrypted. However, not all pCloud features are available to the user while working with that folder.

$ 48 a year for 500 GB, encrypted for $ 4 a month ($ 96 a year). The first 20 GB are free, one week free trial with encryption available.

pCloud has an interesting advantage: You cannot access the data on the virtual disk until you enter a password, which means that if you lose your laptop, the person who finds it will not be able to access your storage cloud. Its mobile app lacks the grace of Dropbox, but it is very functional and allows you to automatically download images, share file links, and store files offline along with the aforementioned Favorites. However, the “file sharing” function is not available for the encrypted files folder.

Dropbox Alternatives Investigation

The ability to sync mobile data storage is vital to professionals and businesses, so here are the top ten DropBox Alternatives that we have found. Dropbox is a really good item, it provides a ton of benefits and it’s complimentary offering is especially tempting. If you simply need something simple to share files between friends or even coworkers, the free edition is more than adequate for the needs of most people. When you receive into the paid editions, however, you can get a much larger volume of space from DropBox alternatives.

Dropbox Alternatives Verdict

Dropbox is definitely a business to enjoy. Also though their best offering at present is their complimentary edition, that does not imply that they are not going to innovate their paid variation. As it stands, nonetheless, the complimentary variation of the service is generally a more desirable package than the paid versions of it are. Keep an eye on Dropbox in the future but, for the present, you truly only need to pay recognition to their complimentary version.

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