10 Best Android Games Like PUBG Mobile for Android

Games that are similar to PUBG Mobile with small size, whether offline or online, are now popping up following the success of this game with the battle royale genre. PUBG has become phenomenal since its initial appearance in 2017 for the PC version and followed PUBG Mobile in 2018. This game successfully conjured and shifted Android games that already existed and made game lovers around the world start switching to PUBG Mobile.



But there are times when you get bored with this game and want to try other games with the same genre. For PC games or consoles, you can play Fortnite which is similar to PUBG, but what about those using mobile phones? This is a recommendation for a small game similar to PUBG Mobile that can be played offline and online both.

1- Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival has gameplay that is really similar to PUBG. This game made by NetEast Inc. has a map big enough to make it possible to join 120 other players on the battlefield. There are several vehicles such as trucks, motorbikes or boats that you can use to explore an island that is a battleground.




Quick tutorial that you will get at the beginning of the game will really help you in understanding this game. There are 3 modes that you can play here, solo, duo and squad where you will play using the rank system so that the game can run in balance. The only drawback of this game is that mobile players are put in the same room as the PC version, automatically making players who use cell phones become overwhelmed against players who use PC.


Free fire is a game similar to PUBG mobile that is really recommended by Kabar Games because it is much smaller and lighter in size and can be played offline with Bot. Free Fire sticks tight to PUBG Mobile and has always been included in the top 3 best-selling Android games in the last few months in 2020.



As a game that has a battle royale genre, you will play together with 50 other players and defeat each other. The plus point of Free Fire is that there is a local server that supports the game to be more stable and the graphics are quite good compared to its competitors.


This game is made by the same developer as Rules of Survival yaito NetEase.Inc. Although this game is underrated and less well known among gamers but this game that can be played offline is made similar to PUBG Mobile which you must also try because it presents good graphics and not difficult gameplay.


Here you can use military trucks contained in the game as a means of transportation to explore a fairly large map.


If you can’t wait to play the Fortnite game which is currently still in the open beta stage, you can try FortCraft, which was created by NetEase.Inc which is the developer of the Rules of Survival and Knives Out game.



The style of play is similar to Fortnite, where you are given a freedom to build a castle that can help you survive making this game very interesting to play. Besides the graphics are also similar to Fortnite, suitable for you who can’t wait for Fortnite.


Another offline game from NetEase.Inc which has good graphics and gameplay similar to PUBG Mobile. This game actually had a conversation in the Indonesian Game Group as one of the games similar to PUBG Mobile because the quality is quite spoil the eyes.


You are required to be the last human to live in the game, having a large enough map makes you have plenty of time and opportunity to explore the map.


This game can accommodate players up to 121 people in one game. Having three solo game modes, duo and squad make Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival a pretty interesting game. 121 players will face each other to be the last to live in a desert island that has a fairly large map.


There are enough vehicles that you can use here from cars to tanks to explore the whole island. Weapons that you can use quite a lot here, ranging from SMG, AK, Smoke Bomb and grenades you can use in battle.


The FPS game which is already famous through its PC version now comes with survival mode in its mobile version. Playing in this mode you are required not to die first and become the last human who manages to survive until the end of the game.


This survival mode has proven to be successful in making Point Blank: Strike able to compete with the battle royale genre, which has already been released. This survival mode also has a safe zone area that continues to shrink, if you are outside the circle then your cellphone will continue to decrease until you die and fail to survive in this survival mode.

8- Critical Strike CS

If you are a fan of Counter Strike games then you will definitely feel at home playing this game. Critical Strike CS has weapons similar to those in the Counter Strike game. You will be given 20 minutes to complete the game, each time you successfully kill an enemy you will get 1 point.


The winner is the team that has the most points. This game can be an alternative to PUBG because it has the same sensation of playing but with typical Counter Strike weapons that were very popular in its era.


This game is similar to Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War, has a Minecraft-shaped character box and gameplay similar to PUBG but simpler, and can be played offline as well.


This game is very suitable for children who are not old enough to play PUBGM and other PUBG games because the characters and gameplay are more child-friendly. You can use vehicles in several places in this game for you to use to explore the battlefield.


The game, which is still in the pre-registration period, is staying up as one of the tough competitors of all the games that Kabar Games has mentioned above. Having graphics that can be said to be better than PUBG Mobile, this game is awaited by gamers around the world.


Developed by Horus Entertainment the Bullet Strike Battlegrounds game allows you to play up to a maximum of 20 people in one room. As much as possible you must continue to survive and collect weapons in order to win this game.

Similarly, 10 games similar (alternatives) to PUBG Mobile are offline/online with a small size on your android devices (mobile), starting from the good graphics to the usual ones but lightly played on phones that don’t have high specifications. Which have you played?

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