8 Best Free Ad Blocker Apps for Android


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5 Best iOS Emulator for Android


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How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Images On Phone


How to Download and Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Images on Android Phone and iPhone As you know, it is impossible to simply save a photo or video from the WhatsApp status on Android, and there is no way to view it in the gallery. But still, all the statuses that you viewed are in the … Read more

How to hide contact on WhatsApp


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How to upload and add Whatsapp status in Desktop/PC


WhatsApp has finally been released as a way for you to upload your WhatsApp status through PC.   To access your WhatsApp account on your desktop PC via the web, you will need to first install Google Chrome, as it is the only supported browser (for the instant). After installing Google Chrome on your PC, … Read more